Rust en Vrede - Stellenbosch

11h00 Turn left out of Rust en Vrede and head towards Stellenbosch itself

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Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Stellenbosch


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Stellenbosch is an old town by South African standards, founded by Simon van der Stel in 1679. Although named after a Dutch governor, it was French settlers (Huguenots) who started the tradition of planting vines here. Stellenbosch is now much more than just a wine town: its university, founded in 1863, dominates the town and is one of the top universities in the country. Stellenbosch drips architectural heritage and you need to spend an hour or two just walking around the oaklined street it and soaking it all up.

Things which you’ll enjoy are Oom Samie Se Winkel, a bit of a tourist trap but very pretty and worth the time if you need some souvenirs. It’s on Dorp Street.

Don’t miss: Manouche on Andringa Street (marked with an A on the map below). You won’t believe it’s possible to eat Lebanese food this good in Africa but really, it is. Added to that, the vibe of the antique shops and café life on Andringa is just super.


Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Manouche   Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Manouche   Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Manouche

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