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All these comments have been received in the last six years (since we have owned Parker Cottage Bed and Breakfast).

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“We had a wonderful experience at Parker Cottage - the room, staff, and breakfast were all top notch. We had a great experience and found excellent value in staying at Parker Cottage. We also appreciate the reasonable rates for transport with Chris (compared to rates provided by our other B&B in camps bay).” Raj and Asha January 2016


 “We really enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage and would definitely recommend you to others.  We appreciated the little personal touches and all the attention to detail - your email being a great example.  The service was absolutely faultless - and I've stayed in some high end hotels for business! Our thanks and appreciation to all your staff!!  We will add a review on Tripadvisor.” Kathie and Richard, UK, January 2016


 “Just a quick note to say thank you once again for the fabulous evening we spent at Parker on Saturday. The hospitality was top class, we felt super welcome and very spoilt!  We will be recommending Parker Cottage to all our family and friends and colleagues. Look forward to seeing you again sometime. Thank you again!”  Luis & Elaine Silva, Noordhoek, January 2016


“A much overdue thank you for providing a lovely time for us in Cape Town! From the moment we came, we knew we were being cared for. We're still missing our amazing breakfasts outside on the patio. A special thanks to Penny for loaning us the Table Mountain map so we didn't get lost. Sad we didn't make it all the way up, but halfway was still an accomplishment. Guess we'll have to come back to try again! Also thank you again for the road atlas and for setting up the car rental. Things went swimmingly and I successfully drove from Franschhoek all the way through to Plett without incident (we did stop in Swellendam along the way and briefly in George for petrol and ice cream :) ). We're now in PE heading to Jo'burg for the night. We'll head to Kruger tomorrow for a couple nights and then sadly the holiday comes to a close. I can easily see why Amy and Andrew said we must stay with you in Cape. Everything from your accommodations to the care you give your guests is truly first class.” Robyn and Michelle, USA, January 2016



 Finally, I can honestly say that Parker Cottage lived up to our expectations in every way - indeed Tomas helped solve a couple of problems, by going further than expected! The food was excellent - sorry for not being more adventurous! I met some friends in Cape Town and I gave them your card because I am confident that they will return in another year and they really did not want to stay in a big hotel again! I am also sure that when we come back to South Africa, we shall be in touch with you as our starting point for any trip.” Paul and Maryta, UK, January 2016


 “We talk often of our amazing adventures in Cape Town and our delightful stay with you!!  It was a fabulous experience and truly a trip of a life time.  Thank you again for your part in making it possible. Our stay with you was awesome!   Chris was a very important part of the success of the trip, also.  His in depth historical knowledge and the personal stories of his life that he shared with us are treasured memories.”  Kathy and Pete, Seattle, January 2016


 “We started with you however, and we couldn't have wished for a better start to our holiday, largely due to your wonderful hospitality and kindness. Penny we are especially grateful to you for your generosity in taking me to the chemist in a Saturday evening when you were about to go home! We will be sure to give you a marvellous review on trip advisor, to go with the many here already.  We would love to come back to Cape Town again one day and look forward to booking in with you.” Laura, Elen and Jane, London, December 2015


 “Greetings from Lesotho Phil.  We really enjoyed our stay with you...Those breakfasts....and all those prepared guides. If we ever make it back to Cape Town we will certainly stay with you. All the best.” Peter and Robyn, Australia, December 2015


 “We missed saying goodbye but Penny and Thomas were wonderful in sending us off with Chris. The "Parker  Cottage Family" is awesome! Everyone was so kind, friendly and helpful and the breakfasts..WOW! We felt totally pampered!  Chris was awesome, also! His tours were packed with history...political, social and personal with his growing up in Cape Town. He made our time truly memorable with his insights and knowledge. He and all of you are wonderful ambassadors for Cape Town and South Africa!! We are in Dubai and will soon depart for our 14 hour flight home. It will be good to be back in Seattle but we will miss you all!!  We wish you a Merry Christmas and many Blessings in the New Year.” Kathy and Pete, Seattle, December 2015


 “Andrew and I have arrive home, safe and sound but jet lagged from our fabulous vacation. I want to thank you all again for being a highlight of our trip.  The service you provide can't be matched! We appreciate everything you did from helping us plan, to making our rental car reservation and then making us feel so very welcome and treating us so well during our visit. Thank you again and we look forward to our next visit to Cape Town and our stay at Parker Cottage! We plan to become your most frequent guests from Chicago  :)” Andrew and Amy, Chicago 2015

 “Thank you for your e-mail.  We had a fantastic time in Cape Town and loved staying at Parker.  To be honest we can't think of anything we would change or add to the service and hospitality to provided to us. We are actually still in your beautiful country....on safari at Zulu Nyala.  We have become friends with another couple who are in the same jeep as us on game drives.  Curtis and Cindy are going to Cape Town afterwards and guess where they are staying?   Parker Cottage!  What a coincidence!  I believe they start their stay with you next Tuesday.  Now that we have sung your praises they can't wait to get there. We will start our long trip home on Tuesday.  We've had an excellent trip filled with wonderful memories and many new friends.  We hope one day to get an opportunity to check in again at the Parker Cottage.” Mark and Carol, USA, December 2015

 There wasn't anything that I felt could be improved upon - sorry!  It was perfect and we'll certainly be recommending Parker to any of our friends who may be journeying to Cape Town.” Vivienne and Clive, UK, November 2015 


“First we need to say that we definitely would choose Parker Cottage again!!! All was just as it needs to be; from the arrival to the departure. The friendliness of the people, your staff, all of you, was again an example of why we love to come to South Africa! The warm welcome from Tomas; especially Anita and Franz were totally overwhelmed. And many many thanks for the Champagne we had in the Societi; a wonderful surprise and sorry to thank you only now! The room, the bed, the linnen, the breakfast, the option with the kitchen...just all to make us feel somewhat cosy and a little at home; a place we felt very good!” The Bayazid Family, Germany, November 2015



Though far too short, I've had a wonderful time at Parker Cottage. Your entire team was really really sweet and helpful and has made me feel at home from the first until the last minute of my stay! Since I didn't even get close to doing all the things I wanted to, I'm already planning my next trip to South Africa - which will hopefully include some nights at your place again!”  Steffi, Germany, November 2015



 “Good morning Phil, we did get back safely after 26hrs travel. Parker Cottage is lovely and thank you for your warm welcome and doing your best to please all these sometimes "difficult" guests. We enjoyed and love the beauty of Cape Town and the wonderful Musical that you were so kind to arrange for us, tickets, taxi service etc. Thank you again. Your staff: they are hard-working, gracious and pleasant. Good team! Your breakfast was unbelievable, wish I had more than one stomach, came home and had gained a few more pounds.  Anyway, our stay was super and you do live in a beautiful city, too bad its so  far for us,  myself I'm in the process of selling my house, just now able to write you.” Connie, Trevor and Marilyn USA November 2015


“Thanks for the email. We really enjoyed our stay with you, and rest assured, if and when we visit Cape Town again, we would want to stay with you. I'm sorry we didn't get to say goodbye but rest assured Penny and Tomas sorted us out. We have had a wonderful time. We can’t think of anything to improve Parker Cottage. We appreciated our upgrade to a larger room which proved to be much better when staying for more than one night, and we shall bear that in mind future.”  John and Jane, UK, November 2015

 “We don't know a single thing you would have to improve upon in your B&B.” Onno and Lena, November 2015


“Following is a short note from Diane.  I second everything she says!  I'm telling everyone they must stay at Parker Cottage while in Cape Town.  We so appreciated your kind and gracious hospitality, wonderful accommodation, fabulous breakfasts.....just everything about being there.

The visit to Shine Centre was a highlight for me.  Thank you for arranging it.  If  I ever return to Cape Town, I will certainly stay at Parker again.“ Jean and Diane, USA, November 2015


 “We had a wonderful stay with you. Thank you so much. The friendly personal service we received surpassed all our expectations. As we have already said you have an excellent team at Parker Cottage. Penny and Tomas couldn't have been more helpful, and we aren't expecting anyone in South Africa to beat Parker Cottage breakfasts. As for the skydiving, it was phenomenal. ..a 50th to remember for sure.” Annette and Glyn.  November 2015



 “You guys were great!! I would recommend Parker Cottage to any Cape Town traveler. Recommending walking trips, food and organizing guided tours, you didn’t miss a beat. Chris and Paul were great on our trips to Cape Hope and around. Your location is close enough to town to enjoy the city at a leisurely pace. You have a beautiful city and we didn’t stay long enough. We hope to enjoy your hospitality again.” Jim and Jayne McCarthy, October 2015


 “ Feel free and confident recommending Parker Cottage to any and all of your friends and acquaintances when planning a trip to Cape Town.  Parker Cottage is by far the best B & B Susan and I have ever resided.” Larry and Susan, USA, October 2015.


  “We were very happy to find that little had changed at Parker Cottage in the way of service and comfort. It was probably some of, if not, the best we experienced throughout the whole holiday. In particular, the individual service you gave for booking such as restaurants, tickets and taxis was second to none. And your breakfast offering was most definitely the best we experienced over our three weeks in S Africa The only aspect that let us down really was the weather, but not much Parker could do about that.” Colin and Yvonne, UK, October 2015


 “There really is nothing I can think of to improve the best B&B experience of my life (and there have been many). I have already posted my glowing review on Trip Advisor. I can only thank you and tell you how much you improved our trip and gave us memories we will treasure for years to come.  Your dedication, energy and commitment are quite extraordinary and we are very, very grateful!!” Maureen and friends, USA, October 2015


 “We had a wonderful trip. Every thing worked perfectly. We were so spoiled at Parker Cottage coming home and fixing my own breakfast a shock. It truly was the trip of a life time.” Sher and Ginny, USA, Ocotber 2015


 “I can’t thank you enough for setting up one of the best trips we have ever taken.  All details were handled without incident, including all transfers, reservations, tours etc.  Truly an outstanding trip that I would recommend to everyone. The safaris were amazing and the Reserve lovely.   Parker Cottage is gorgeous and some of the best service I have ever received.  Our accommodations were amazing and the South Africans are some of the nicest people we have ever met.” Alan and Paddy and friends, Denver, USA, September 2015


  “Good to hear from you. It's good to be back home, after a pretty long flight! We have beautiful weather and are up to date with 'the domestics'!  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you, and David gave you a good rap on TripAdvisor. I hope you don't mind that I mentioned Parker Cottage to our travel agent, Camille Rowe from Southern Destinations in Cape Town, as in our mind B&Bs are the only way to go when travelling to South Africa. Rest assured any friends visiting Cape Town will have you targeted!!

Hope all continues to go well with you .... If passing through, we will be descending on you!” David and Susan, New Zealand, September 2015


“If any of our friends plan to visit CT we will be sure to instantaneously direct them to Parker.  Without doubt.  Besides the comments we already passed on to Phil we can't fault our time at Parker.  Thanks once again for making our time in CT so memorable.  We'll be back I'm sure!” Jonathan and Chee, UK, September 2015


 “Yes we made it back home.  It was a long flight!  The safari and Victoria Falls were wonderful but our stay at Parker was wonderful too.  I have absolutely no complaints: breakfast was so good and you helped us with all of our arrangements perfectly. If I'm ever back in Cape Town, I will definitely be staying with you and I hope I am back! You guys are great! Thanks again for a wonderful stay!!” Keela, Sabra and Jeff, USA, September 2015


“We want to thank you for the most beautiful experience at Parker Cottage! I am glad we found you and will recommend you highly! Everything was just perfect. We really enjoyed the wine night and chatting with you and the other guests. Those are the experiences we look for in our travels! I really can't think of anything that needs to be improved.” Vaishali and Sanat, Texas USA, September 2015


“Dear Tomas, Penny and Phil (in order of appearance of the cast of Parker Cottage) and all the other staff members who we didn’t meet but who helped to make our stay so memorable).  We so enjoyed our all too brief sojourn in your establishment. I don’t think we have ever felt so looked after – nothing was too much trouble. Thank you especially for fetching the cake from Charly’s Bakery – that was a huge help – and it went down a treat when delivered to its recipient. Our experience at Parker Cottage has spoilt us for anywhere else – no wonder you run a multi-award winning guest house. The impression created is one of generosity, warmth and all-round fulsomeness – a result I’m sure of effort and planning on your side, but you make it look easy. The directions to Cape Town airport were faultless, and we got there without any wrong turnings. We are now (rather glumly) eating home cooking.  Thank you again – we will long remember our stay with you (and of course tell our friends).” Mike and Sandra September 2015



 “We've just arrived back home after an amazing safari and soothing days in Franschhoek, but we both agreed that in spite of this, Cape Town was the star of our South African adventure, much due to the lovely Parker Cottage. We can actually think of no improvement rather then keeping up the work you do so well: Lovely service, delicious custom made breakfast, beautiful people (harder to change personality after all) and a sincere wish to gelp your guests in any way. We will be back in Cape Town, and we'll be staying with you.” Matias and Sigrid, Norway, September 2015


 “We're just showing our friends some photos from our trip to SA last year, and recalling with huge fondness our short time with you at Parker Cottage. Dena is telling our friends’ daughter about the wonderful breakfasts and how wonderfully you treated us. Hope all is well and that one day we can return.” Steven and friends September 2015


“Thank you and all the staff for an extremely pleasant stay with yourselves. We were very pleased with our choice of Parkers Cottage and would highly recommend yourselves.” Michael, Callum and Bill, Sunderland, UK, August 2015


Dave and I returned home this past Tuesday. Our stay in Cape Town had been extended due to a flight change. We both agree that it was an amazing trip. Everything was wonderful. Parker Cottage and all who work there were so friendly and accommodating. We met great people wherever we went.” Dave and Nancy, Colorado, August 2015


“My mother tells me to pass on the following message: "If I return to Cape Town, I will 100% return to Parker Cottage, no doubt about it!" We all truly enjoyed our stay in Parker, and that glorious breakfast has been a popular conversation starter back home.  No complaints at all. Thank you so much for your hospitality!” The Park Family, August 2015


 “Well where do I start, what can be said about the hospitality found at Parker Cottage, that hasn't already been said? Wonderful,friendly, inviting,100% and more, you have heard it all before I'm sure, Well please forgive me as I say it all over again. Its very obvious that Parker Cottage is a well oiled machine (in the nicest possible way of couse!) everyone pulling together as a team with one common goal, to please the guests, and it works. Your so right when you describe it as more than a guest house, we genuinely were made to feel like family, for a week, it was our home. The standard and cleanliness of the accommodation could not be faulted, the friendliness of all the staff was absolutely top drawer. Phil and Penny your enthusiasm is contagious, if you could bottle it, you would make a fortune. Nothing we asked for seemed to be to much trouble for you. One of the headaches that can be had on any trip, is what to do and where to eat at night, and nothing beats local knowledge       e and recommendations, this was another department where you excelled, not only did you recommend a given restaurant, but you kindly made the booking and organised the taxis, talk about spoiling us! and let it be known that every restaurant you recommended was top notch. La Colombe, where you recommended for Sue's birthday meal, absolutely blew us away and the icing on the cake was literally that, Sue's birthday cake was a real treat, and the way in which Penny presented it was such a nice touch. Phil and Penny I could go on for pages about how good Parker cottage is, as I said I'm sure you have heard it all before.” Tony, Suzanne and friends, Kent, August 2015


“We're just showing our friends some photos from our trip to SA last year, and recalling with huge fondness our short time with you at Parker Cottage. Dena is telling our friends daughter about the wonderful breakfasts and how wonderfully you treated us. Hope all is well and that one day we can return.” Steven and Dena, UK, August 2015


“Sorry for the delayed response.  We could not have chosen a better place for our stay in Capetown.  Accommodations were great, breakfast outstanding and the staff friendly and helpful. Both of the  recommended restaurants were excellent.  We also hired Chris for 2 days. A great way to see the area.  We will remember our stay at Parker.” David and Sue, UK, August 2015


“We really did have a great time staying with you and appreciated your hospitality and advice. No suggestions for improvements as we thought it was all Wonderful. Please do pass on our thanks to everyone including the ladies who make the wonderful breakfasts.” Fiona and Kevin, UK, August 2015


 “Thanks for a great stay everyone and a shame we didn't spend more time in the garden - missing the place already!” David and Tony, UK, August 2015


Everything was great, really like that you and the staff are walking the extra mile to give your guests great service, you guys make it seem so easy. Really miss your level of service mind when staying at other places, I’m in London now and they really not reaching your level…. “ Mats and Anna, Sweden, August 2015


“Our stay was wonderful. We were well looked after by Tomas and Penny, who could not have been more helpful and charming, as were the other staff. Everything was so beautifully done, just heaven.  I enjoyed it enormously. Breakfast was always a feast and I was so pleased we could help ourselves to tea in the morning in the kitchen. I hope to come again. Many thanks. Nothing to be improved upon !!” Diana and friends July 2015


 “We had a lovely stay and would most definitely recommend Parker Cottage to friends and family.

The staff were lovely and we have absolutely nothing to complain about.” Martie, Johannesberg, July 2015


 “Thank you for remembering us! We had the best stay in Cape Town, we really love the city! Much was due to your amazing hospitality, thank you so much!  We had a chance to sleep in different rooms as we prolonged our stay. We really enjoyed the rooms downstairs, especially around the small courtyard (7 and 10?). They were so beautiful! The breakfast was the best ever!! And my boyfriend felt special, as the day's special always had a mexican theme (avocado, chili, wraps etc) You really have a wonderful place and very good staff. I already recommended Parker's to friends that live in Pretoria and Mozambique.

And for sure, one day I'll be back!” Eeva and family, Venezuela, July 2015


 “We enjoyed our stay so much, we only wish that we could have stayed longer.  Cape Town is an amazing place made even more special by Parker Cottage.  Thank you!  Thomas, Penny, and all of the staff were so friendly and helpful.” Diane and Mike, July 2015


 “Thank you so much for your thoughtful message while we were away. We had a wonderful time at Parker Cottage - Tomas and Penny were absolutely wonderful to us. We couldn't recommend you more highly!” Elizabeth, July 2015


 “We had a fabulous time in cape town. What a place! Parker felt like home away from home. Tomas and Penny and the rest pampered us. We are now at the airport to Jo'burg enroute to India. We shall recommend your place to all our friends who plan to visit in future. Wish we had two more days. Sigh !” Virina and friends, India, June 2015


 “Hello! Just back to San Francisco as well!  We had a wonderful stay!  We loved Capetown, and everyone at Parker Cottage took such great care of us!  I'm sorry we missed you though--maybe next time!” Shelli and Jan, San Francisco, June 2015


“Your newsletter brought us back to our amazing holiday in Cape Town last November and especially the Parker Cottage - and it reminded me that we have missed to give you guys feedback yet. As we left Parker Cottage, Phil asked us to think about our stay and tell you what improvement would be needed at Parker Cottage in our opinion. Our stay at Parker Cottage, the trip to the winelands with Chris and our holiday in SA in general (OMG the food!!!) was the holiday of a lifetime!! So thank you for that and be prepared for a great review on tripadvisor :)  Alexandra and Matthias, Vienna, June 2015


 “We loved it! Friendly staff, very comfortable beds, lovely room and spoiling breakfast on veranda. A definate highlight of my friends visit to Cape Town.” Alison, Johannesberg, June 2015


 “Thank you for the note! Our stay at Parker Cottage was an absolute delight (we're still talking about that breakfast... man!) and we will not hesitate to recommend you all to friends and family visiting Cape Town. Thank you for the relaxing and luxurious retreat.” Rebecca, Jared and Emma, UK, June 2015 


 “We had the most wonderful time at Parker Cottage thanks to all of you!

Your place was more than expected and those breakfasts were to die for! We love architecture and history and Parker Cottage had much warmth and charm.  A porch is my favorite place and to eat breakfast out ther, after a very long and cold winter, was superb. You run a class act and we have no complaints at all.  The staff is amazing, your warmth and hospitality really make your guests feel special. Visiting Africa is a long way from home and to be in a place where you feel at home is much appreciated. We came as strangers and are now friends- that is hospitality. Thank you for your generous wine tastings and the warmth of your fires. Keep doing what you are doing- it is fantastic.” Paula and family, USA, June 2015

 “Thanks again for everything.  You were so helpful to us in getting organized and we just loved the breakfast outside in the garden.  I have to say it was the best breakfast out of all the places we went to in South Africa!” Ariane, Yemen, May 2015


 “I just went to visit your Facebook page, which is delightful. I can honestly say that neither Bob nor I can think of one negative thing to say about your lovely place. Besides the gorgeous physical building, the energy there is so welcoming and pleasant. The lovely wine tasting evening, the great welcome, great staff, all the assistance we received getting cabs, restaurant bookings, the incredible breakfasts  - honestly, you handle everything at a higher level than anywhere we have ever been. You may not need more advertising, but I will be going on trip advisor to sing your praises. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I would be thrilled to do it. One more thing - as we were driving to the airport with Chris, he mentioned your pension plan for the staff, which I also just saw on Facebook. The support you give your staff is so commendable. You definitely are the poster child for how to run a great business and retain the best staff.  We would love to return some day to Parker Cottage; we had such a fabulous holiday. Thanks for helping to make it so!” Bob and Theresa, Calgary, May 2015

 “Carolyn and I  are  both safely back home in the  United  States  -  Missing all of the pampering  we received  from you and your staff at the Parker Cottage! I cannot think of anything that  I would  change  about  our stay  with you.  Hopefully we can get back  to Cape Town in the future  and enjoy  your  fine  hospitality again soon - best regards  to  you and your staff!!” Doug and Carolyn, USA, May 2015

 We all wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful time we had at Parker Cottage.  It felt like home instantly – we were practically wandering the corridors in our pyjamas because it felt like staying at a friend’s house.  Everyone we met was super helpful and kind, and particular thanks to Diana for her very warm welcome.  Can you pass on a message to her (hopefully she remembers the conversation!): Suzanne got the man!” Alice and friends, UK, May 2015.


“We are back in Calgary, fully recovered from jet lag (or was that depression from being the end of vacation??) and enjoying nice weather with no snow!  I just went to visit your Facebook page, which is delightful. I can honestly say that neither Bob nor I can think of one negative thing to say about your lovely place. Besides the gorgeous physical building, the energy there is so welcoming and pleasant. The lovely wine tasting evening, the great welcome, great staff, all the assistance we received getting cabs, restaurant bookings, the incredible breakfasts  - honestly, you handle everything at a higher level than anywhere we have ever been. You may not need more advertising, but I will be going on trip advisor to sing your praises. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I would be thrilled to do it.

One more thing - as we were driving to the airport with Chris, he mentioned your pension plan for the staff, which I also just saw on Facebook. The support you give your staff is so commendable. You definitely are the poster child for how to run a great business and retain the best staff.” Bob and Theresa, Calgary, May 2015


 “Many thanks for the good wishes. We simply had an amazing time – Parker is a very special place to stay with an equally special service and attention to detail. We were so glad to be back and see you guys all again. I honestly could honestly not fault anything – sorry. We are trying to encourage Kirsty’s parents to look at a trip to Cape Town and of course we wouldn’t send them anywhere else to stay. I will you and the gang the very best and continued success for the future. Sincere thanks again for everything.” Alan and Kirsty, Dublin, May 2015


 “It was indeed a very pleasurable and memorable to stay for Daniela and I at Parker Cottage and in Cape Town. I will never forget that -- after an all-day trip by road and air from Kruger Park – you presented a real “Weissbier” to me on the veranda. You don’t know what that meant to me, a Bavarian.  I really enjoyed your positive approach to your job (and life) and I want to thank you again for your excellent tip about the jazz eveningat “The Crypt” – it was a great way to celebrate “into” my birthday.” Ralph and Daniella, Munich, May 2015


We had an amazing stay at Parker Cottage!  Thank you so much for your warm welcome, fantastic breakfast and wonderful hospitality!  We did not want to leave Cape Town, and especially Parker Cottage!  We do hope to return again in the future, if only it were a shorter flight!  Thank you again and we hope to visit again soon! Jordan and Murry, USA, May 2015


Thank you so much for looking after us. We had such a wonderful honeymoon!

I really can't think of anything that you can improve, we really thought that you were wonderful. I'd like a beer on the veranda now!” Rosie and Dave, London, May 2015


 “Our friends Sheila and Graham loved Parker Cottage. They can't stop raving about you. I knew they would. Thank you and your team for making their first stay so brilliant.   Next time I will try to book earlier so we can all stay together!!!!  And stay for longer!” Kate and Kevin, UK, April 2015


Hand in heart Phil, you (as a team) run a superb B&B. Super comfortable beds and linen, each room uniquely furnished, and as we well know, excellent, healthy, vibrant breakfasts. Need I say more....” Karen, Jack, Gaby and Hannah, NYC, April 2015


 “Transfers in-between were great, Parker Cottage in Cape Town amazing, I highly recommend it.   I loved Cape Town and took various trips and just wish I’d had more time to do more!  I have recommended to my travel agent that they look at including Parker Cottage in their recommendations, it really is a great economic place to stay in Cape Town and exceeds expectations all round.  Go and stay there, you’ll see what I mean!!”   Tina, UK, April 2015


 “Many thanks for the unforgettable stay with Parker Cottage, Phil. The personal service and attention to detail is much appreciated.” Johan and Emmelise Gauteng April 2015


 “We had a good journey back to the UK thanks, definitely back to reality now! Thank you so much for a wonderful stay - there really is nothing that we think could be improved. We had a great time and would not hesitate to recommend Parker Cottage to anyone we know visiting Cape Town. I'm sure we'll back at some point in the future and we'll know where to stay!Sophie and Jon, April 2015


We just got back to Toronto on Friday evening after a very long day of flying.
Thanks very much to you and all your staff for our stay in Cape Town, booking all the tours, recommendations and reservations to restaurants and arranging for car pickup in town. You have a wonderful team. Our driving trip was well beyond our expectations, the Western cape is beautiful. Food, wine and accommodations were all excellent.
Kendal and Ling, Canada, April 2015


Please accept our belated thanks for our wonderful stay with you in February. The entire team made us very welcome, warmly looked after us and provided a great start to our South African holiday. You've created a homely yet special place to stay in a super, convenient neighbourhood of Cape Town. From the cleaners to the cooks (those yummy breakfasts!) to front of house staff, everyone does a marvellous job.

We were also delighted to be able to experience an interesting, convivial wine tasting courtesy of Thelema.   Best wishes for the future of Parker Cottage and good luck in planning a European outpost!  We hope to visit Parker Cottage and South Africa again in the not too distant future, meantime we shall we sure to recommend you.” Vincent and Gillian, UK, March 2015

 “THANK you all for a wonderful stay. What an amazing country you live in. We both wanted to stay forever. Thank you for treating us like family and helping us arrange all activities. We hope to come back soon (3-4 years), I would like to share this amazing country with my son. Take care, you are all part of our special trip memory.” Jessica and Alvaro, Miami, March 2015


 “Now we are in Stellenbosch at the van der stel manor for our last days. We have had an amazing trip on the gardenroute. We have seen a lot of animals at the Addo and we have too some nice rounds of golf. We dont know how to make Parker Cottage still better. It was perfect. But we know what you don;t have to change…Your friendly hospitality and your humour!”  Kurt, Switzerland, March 2015.


We enjoyed our days in Parker Cottage very much. We felt very comfortable. The whole house and also our room is very nicely decorated. We slept very well and the breakfast was exceptional.” Gundula and Andreas, Germany, February 2015


 “Thank you for your kind words, we would choose Parker Cottage first every time for the comfort, luxury, surroundings and the wonderful, personalised service that made us feel so special. It was fantastic to see and experience a team that were always happy in their work. In our profession, medicine, it's often the small details that mean the most, a hand on the shoulder, exchanging words and stories, 'seeing' that person for who they are etc. and that's exactly what we experienced.” Mary-Jane and Marcus, January 2015


We had a great time in Cape Town, and you are a big part of that. Thanks for the terrific service and excellent advice. We are already plotting ways to get back to Cape Town!” Lois and Jerry, January 2015


Akshata and I had a very pleasant stay at Parker Cottage. I must mention that this is one of the best holidays that we have taken to date and it would not have been possible without the great hospitality that we received at your property. The guest room and overall property was spic and span, the breakfast was unique and always served with a smile.  Your team went out of its way to make our stay comfortable not only within the property, but overall in Cape Town. They provided us guidance on the places to visit, the activities to do and the restaurants to eat in. I would like to make a special mention about Tomas and Diana, who made our stay at Parker Cottage extra special by giving us personalized attention and catering to all our needs.” Nitin and Akshata, January 2015


Thanks for your message. We had a grand time and the hospitality of your staff was outstanding. Special mention must be made of Tomas, All the best. Penny and Dianna who all went out of their way to make us feel at home and provide for every little need.” Michael and Marcia, Johannesberg, December 2014


We had the most fantastic stay at Parker Cottage, and my boys continue to rave about it as the best place we have ever stayed. Thanks to all of the folks who took such good care of us. We loved meeting with you and staying with you. Your location was fantastic, the rooms were great and very comfortable, breakfasts were a highlight and we loved being able to get tea at all hours and to use the kitchen if we needed to make a salad or sandwich. Diana, Tomas and Penny, you were amazing and we miss you guys.

Again thanks to all of you, including the lovely ladies in the kitchen. Please give our best wishes to Thandi and tell her I hope her celebration for her son was wonderful.” Ruth, Eli, Noah and Eli


 “We, Frauke and I, stayed at the end of our holidays at your place, arriving Friday and departing Sunday. It was a short stay but we enjoyed it very much. In details: the friendly welcome, the wine tasting and networking on the day we arrived, every day the outstanding breakfast, the beautiful rooms, the peaceful garden and always the profound, funny and entertaining talks, the professional and friendly service. That was the taste of vacation, we appreciated very much. When leaving, you asked us what kind of ideas for further improvement we can think of. Honestly I don´t have a single clue. But we recommend your place for several good friends who plan traveling your country in 2014/ 2015 starting in Cape Town.” Frauke and Hans-Joerg, December 2014


Sorry I didn’t say goodbye: I was taking photos then and absorbed by the beautiful surroundings. I cannot praise your Parker Cottage enough. It is so well designed. Between all the hustle of the area it is so peaceful. Really a place to relax and enjoy. We would have loved to stay longer. Also the breakfast was so incredibly good each day. So as hard as I try I cannot find any criticism! I am so glad Sanja recommended you to us. Kind regards also to Penny, Diana and Thomas –they were wonderful and incredibly helpful!”  Xenia and Ylva December 2014


 “I had no issues whatsoever! I loved everything about my stay. PC is the best! I wouldn't think of staying anywhere else when in Cape Town. It is absolutely so beautiful, comfortable and the hospitality is out of this world! So excited that you are considering lunches and dinners! I can assure you, I would rather have my meals there than anywhere else in Cape Town.  Thank you so much again for hosting me...I cannot stop talking about PC. My friends and I are also planning a "girls only" trip and of course PC is our accommodation of choice! My boyfriend is also sorry to have missed out but has assured me that next visit we will both be staying at PC even though he is based in CT...lol.    PS. Tomas did say I was going to make new friends...indeed I believe I have...”

 Sharlotte, Johannesberg, December 2014

 “You're correct, I had an amazing stay in Cape Town.  As for the Parker Cottage I can say with no exaggeration that the service was the best I have ever come cross - it was actually rather inspiring as I hope to manage a service establishment myself one day.  All of your team were fantastic - Penny (apologies if spelt wrong) deserves particular praise as she dealt with all of my annoying requests with good cheer and charm. As for feedback - as well as the service, the building, room and breakfast were also top notch.  The kitchen is great as well and I like the trust system on the drinks and the availability of good coffee and biscuits.” Thomas, London, November 2014



 “Randy Byrne & Loreen and Colin MacIsaac. They all had only huge praise for you and all of your staff . You went above and beyond arranging for a wheel chair for Jan too, which I only learned of today after chatting with Randy. I hope to meet you all soon one day and stay with you at the lovely Parker Cottage.” Jen, The Heritage Safari Company, Calgery


 “I'd like to add my thanks for everything too.  Margarete and I share some great memories of your warm hospitality and careful attention to detail.  The physical accommodations at Parker House were wonderful but the true mark of a great guest house is the marvellous people who make it feel like home.   We were welcomed as "family" and thus we felt truly at ease every moment of our stay.   The blackout one evening only made the "family" circle more apparent as we laughed and exchanged stories and "grub" and wine in the garden by lantern light.  Diana was delightful as she counted her "chicks" to be sure we were all home safely.  We will both recommend Parker Cottage to friends who plan to visit the Cape Town area!” Margie and Margarete, Canada and Scotland, November 2014


 “Thank you for your email. Chris and I had a fabulous time in Cape Town and at Parker Cottage. Please thank your whole team for the superb customer service they provided during our stay. There are many, many companies in the UK who could learn from you and your team!” Bev and Gisele, UK, November 2014


 “Phil, you and your staff were very helpful and the hospitality you showed was amazing, thank you! We had a wonderful stay at Parker Cottage. If we are ever blessed to return to Cape Town, we will definitely stay at Parker Cottage again. We gave Astrid, our travel agent, a glowing report about Parker Cottage!” Teresa and Randi, Colorado, November 2014

 “You have created a wonderful place and team and we felt very privileged to be looked after so well. We think that the thing that makes you stand out is the team that you have created....you were all so pleasant , interested and helpful and could make it look as if you had all the time in the world even at your most busiest.” Annie and Rob, UK, October 2014


 “I am back home in Chicago, fighting jetlag and not winning! :-)

It was truly a wonderful trip to SA this time around, first visiting JoBurg and then Cape Town, and you people just make it so much better, not because of the impeccable amenities and services but by your genuine hospitality!” Rifat, Chicago, October 2014


Thanks so much for our terrific stay in Cape Town.  Your hospitality gave us memories to fill a lifetime….and took all the storage on our digital camera :-)  When we return to your area, we will be sure to stay with you again.” Alan and Marla, USA, October 2014


 “Thank you for such wonderful hospitality, Phil and Liz and team!  We have fully arrived back in California and are happy to be with the kids again.  Cape Town was magical, mostly because of you all. In other words, try as we might, we can't come up with anything that you could have done to make our stay more excellent. Keep doing what you're doing!” Amy and Christopher, USA, October 2014


 “We arrived home safely in the UK on Sunday after an incredible trip to South Africa - after leaving you guys we travelled to Kruger, then through Swaziland to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi, on to Saint Lucia then Shelly Beach then Durban before flying home, it was a pretty packed two weeks and we are exhausted now, but it's well worth it!  Thank you to you all for a truly incredible time Cape Town - we really loved it and your hospitality made it extra special.  I hope we will be lucky enough to visit the Mother City again in the future, and if we do I will hope you stay at Parker Cottage again - please don't change anything that you do!” Oliva and Daniel, UK, September 2014


“We had the most fantastic time in Cape Town and at Parker's Cottage. We are home a settled back into reality but often talked about the accommodations and THAT BREAKFAST!! I will be writing a 5 star review on trip advisor stating how much we enjoyed staying there.  I would love to give you some critiques to better your lodge but sadly I just cannot think of one! We will be visiting Cape Town again and will for certain stay at Parker's Cottage.  Thanks for such amazing hospitality.”  Kelly, Matt, Chris and Mike USA September 2014


“Back in Sydney (and Holland) last Sunday after THE most amazing holiday – fit, well, and stoked with memories of a wonderful stay.  No small thanks to you guys for making us so welcome on the first leg of our trip.  We could not have enjoyed ourselves more, given Parker Cottage’s ambience, the warmth of your friendship, and of course the tantalizing breakfasts you served! We have already recommended you to some friends, having convinced them to extend their SA safari trip to include Capetown, with Parker Cottage a priority for their stay. We’ve given you a 12/10 rating already. Our very best wishes – we sincerely hope we’ll see you again.” Douglas, Marieken, Ted and Marly Sydney September 2014


“Thank you too for a wonderful stay at your lovely place. We will certainly be back and will gladly recommend you to our friends and family in the Eastern Cape. Your attention to detail is notable. I will definitely post a raving review on trip advisor in a day or two. Just got home tonight, so have plenty catch up to do.” Vernon, Eric and Tracey Queenstown August 2014


“I do hope that I will be back some time, but in the meantime I will certainly be recommending to anyone coming to Cape Town to stay at Parker Cottage.  It was as wonderful as everyone says.  I will do a trip advisor review when I get time...will be away for a few days next week. I think everything runs very smoothly in the house and it is so easy to feel like it is a home.”  Anne, Sydney, August 2014


Too bad we missed you. Our stay was excellent. Tomas, Diana, and Lexi were awesome. Very helpful in every way and their advice right on. You will definitely see us again if we ever get a chance to visit your lovely city. Chris as well did a great job. Thanks for everything. Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet. Gerry, USA, August 2014


“ I know you and your staff must have praise heaped upon your wonderful guest house all the time, but let me just "pile on" - to use an American football term - to that superlative heap. Everything about Parker Cottage from the beautifully prepared, presented and delicious breakfast menu to the attentive, respectful and engaged focus on service was absolutely outstanding! From my perspective as a business writer, you've managed to get it right - hire really smart, engaged and enthusiastic people who understand and believe in your business mission and brand, then set them free to do their jobs in a supportive and positive work environment. At every turn, it was clear that everyone on your staff from the friendly service staff who kept our spotless room, well, spotless to the always attentive Lexie, Tomas and Diana really "got" what Parker Cottage is all about. Congratulations!”

Mark, USA, August 2014


“We loved everything.  It was perfect for mother because she doesn’t have a lot of energy for touring, and she felt like she had a manor house to go home to and private staff to assist, so she felt luxuriated instead of lazy on days off.  That was great.  And beds were comfy, bathrooms well equipped, we would never want a TV, sheets were gorgeous, it was quiet, the decor was classy and quirky at once, you guys are fabulous hosts, and the location can’t be beat.  The extra touches of the wine event in the evening, and going out to buy coffee cream for my mom, and arranging her tour and our transfer, and the cell phone for her, and everything… top notch experience altogether.” Daria and Maureen, Mozambique, August 2014

“Excellent - time for us to write a nice review for you guys on Tripadvisor :) We had an amazing stay, thanks again for all the warm hospitality, it really made our wonderful trip even that more special!” Marloes and Vincent, Amsterdam, August 2014

“We definitely will visit Cape Town again, the city is very impressive and there are still so many places we haven't had the time for yet to explore We fell in love with Parker Cottage, just like everyone else does.  They were so good to us, and our room was charmingly opulent and comfortable.” Kim, USA, August 2014

 “Phil we had a fantastic stay with you, and were very reluctant to leave, wishing we could have managed a few more days at your wonderful wonderful cottage. It is true that staff can make or break a business, and you have very special people with you at the cottage. I meant what I said in my review, if we cannot get a room next time we visit, I know we will be very resentful!!!!!  The ladies in the kitchen and the cleaning staff were all so friendly, accommodating and nothing was too much trouble - please thank them again on our behalf. It is easy to overlook these unsung heroes that are always 'in the kitchen' or not really seen during the course of their day.  Please personally thank Tomas, (such a fine welcomer), Lexie and Di and the team for their caring of us.” Jen & Ian, Australia, August 2014


“Mum and I had an absolutely fantastic stay with you all at Parker Cottage!  I hope that we managed to convey how happy we were and how that it was thanks to all of you that made our stay so special. We have so many good things to say!!  The house is beautiful and so was our room.  Internet: perfect!  Bed: there were mornings we didn't want to get out of it!  So I'm guessing that's a good thing!?  Breakfast:  I don't think my describing skills would ever do it justice!  Wow!  The service from all of the staff was just outstanding, and is what we truly believe makes Parker Cottage stand out.  Big thank you to Diana and Tomas for making our stay extra special - no question was too big or too small.  And they were always on hand with helpful suggestions to make our stay even better!  We would have adopted the both of them and taken them home with us if we could!  The rest of the staff were wonderful and also deserve a mention - everyone always had a smile on their faces (most especially Donovan, who is a particular favourite of ours!)  I loved the concept of the honesty bar in the kitchen - I'd never come across it before but it definitely makes Parker feel more like a home while you're there.  We also loved the wine evenings (in case you weren't able to tell!) it's a great way to interact with the other guests and learn something new.  These things set you apart in such a good way.  Oh and I particularly liked the open fireplaces.” Sara and Frances, Dubai, August 2014


"We are now home with pleasant memories in south Africa especially in Cape Town. It's very nice stay at Parker Cottage, it made us like, we'd love to stay there forever. Everybody are so happy to be there and felling very warm welcome from you and everyone. This is one of our best accommodations we had. Things are great there and thank you again for all your welcome and support that made us a wonderful trip. Thank you and hope to see you again." Somlak and Friends, Thailand, August 2014

"Like everything else at Parker Cottage, it shows how much you really care about your guests. We enjoyed our stay immensely and felt well looked after. Tomas and Diana indeed gave us a fine send-off. From Cape Town, we traveled to the Madikwe Game Reserve where we enjoyed 5 days of game viewing. We arrived home today (Sunday). There was absolutely nothing that Parker Cottage could have done to make our stay more enjoyable. It's such a treat when the place you stay on vacation adds to the experience and is not just a place to close your eyes after you've done the rest of what you do when you visit a new city. Parker Cottage really enhanced our stay." Elizabeth and Kurt, USA, August 2014

"We have only good things to say about Parker Cottage - our stay was close to perfect, so thank you very much for such a lovely place and excellent service. The food, room, amenities, and everything else was great. Perhaps the only thing that we had to get used to was having no television for 5 days! (Not exactly a bad thing though!)” Charles and Eileen, Singapore, July 2014

“From myself, Ronald and Ellen, we had a extremely pleasant stay at Parker Cottage! I asked Ronald and Ellen, they have absolutely no negative comments. They raved about your place. I especially think it is the people that made the stay pleasant! Thank you for your friendliness, and for being so extremely helpful. I enjoyed my kitchen chats with Lexi and the other guests." Ronald, Ellen and Tanya.  Amsterdam, July 2014

 “We had a great stay!  The weather wasn't amazing,  but that made it all the nicer to snuggle up in that lovely king size bed with a good book - something we don't do often enough. I really hope we get to come back to Parker in summer. Thanks again for everything!" Clarissa and Wayne, Pretoria, June 2014

"Everything was wonderful at Parker Cottage.  We loved the delicious breakfasts and had to start a rigorous work-out schedule once we got home in order to work off the extra pounds we gained throughout our stay in Africa.  :) The bedroom was very comfortable and had everything we needed. Your staff was very friendly and helpful.  One of the reasons we choose to stay at B&B's is because of the personal nature.  Thank you for everything. " Gary and Kim,  Ohio, June 2014

“Chuck and I had such an awesome time at your wonderful Bed and Breakfast.  We cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make our stay the best ever. Congratulations on all your rewards that I read about on Facebook that you so richly deserve.  Thank you again for all you did to make our stay the best ever.  We miss you and your staff and will follow you on Facebook.”  Chuck and Dolly, Arizona, June 2014

“Moira was right when she said Parker Cottage was by far the best of all the ten guest houses we stayed at during our 5 week tour of South Africa.  The cottage itself is beautiful and the staff make everyone so special by attending to every need. From arranging car hire and airport transfers to fridges in the room and carrying suitcases! (Parker Cottage and Rothman Manner in Swelleningdam were the only 2 who offered help carrying luggage!) And of course the wonderful breakfasts: they couldn’t be bettered!  So Phil just continue the way you are now, no need to change anything, nothing needs improving!” Barry and Moira, Tyne and Wear, June 2014

 "Well, Phil, I tell everybody in my group here in Namibia of all the personal services you offer to your guests.  I am so pleased with my stay there and really can hardly wait until my next visit.  Every one of you perform with such care, understanding and charm.  It's obvious that everyone does an excellent job and they much enjoy what they are doing; at least, they exude that message to me. Please give me regards to everybody and thank them for their making my stay the most pleasant." Marilyn, Windhoek. May 2014

"John and I have returned home from our most wonderful South African holiday and can't stop singing the praises of your excellent hospitality. You welcomed us on the terrace with warm smiles, a glass of wine and all the information we needed to make our stay the very best possible. We loved eating at the quality neighbourhood restaurants and still can't believe how good the Parker breakfasts were. We really did feel like we were part of your very special family during our Cape Town stay. Thank you for organising our drivers and tickets to special events. You have created a beautiful home away from home that we both feel so very lucky to have experienced." John and Bernice, Perth, May 2014

"WOW no wonder you guys are voted best in town! Your service is amazing, coming from the tourist industry myself, it was really great to receive it! Can't fault a thing really, breakfast perfect...beds divine.  That's it really, will highly recommend you." Gillie and Gabriel, Lusaka, May 2014

"First of all, thanks so much for your great hospitality at Parker Cottage.  We had a very comfortable stay, despite putting on several unwanted pounds because of your wonderful irresistible breakfasts! It is very hard coming back to real life after our brilliant holiday in SA - Jonathan especially has a bad case of the post holiday blues!  We have taken away very happy memories of you all and wish Parker Cottage continuing success ." David and Phyllida, UK, May 2014


"A belated but sincere thank you for taking such good care of us last weekend, as you always do. We really appreciated our room upgrade and enjoyed every minute of our stay. It was fascinating to meet your other guests and we loved chatting to them, especially during our delicious breakfasts and at your splendid Wine Tasting! (I’m definitely after a bottle of the Sterhuis Sauvignon Blanc!) Please thank Lexi, Tomas, Thandeka and all your staff once again for their friendliness, attentiveness and excellent service. Congratulations on keeping Parker Cottage looking so beautiful.  We hope that we will see you again soon." Ashley, Desmond and Betty, Johannesberg, May 2014

"Parker Cottage ranked top of all the lodgings we stayed at during our recent trip. It features in our memories as one of the most memorable places we ever stayed. Two things stick out: 1) your helpfulness in suggesting places to see, things to do, and making arrangements for us, and 2) the breakfast !! Then there is the friendliness and engaging personalities of all the people working at Parker Cottage, your house and garden that are totally enjoyable, and your location in Capetown, which is ideal. It is these personal experiences, which provide opportunities to learn so much about the country we visit, that make a trip for us. We hope to have in the future another opportunity to stay at your place again." Pietro and Renee, Switzerland, May 2014

"My travel to SA was hard and laborious, and all kinds of discouraging. And upon my return to the office, even more drama has ensued.  But my stay with you at Parker Cottage was a balm to my soul. It wasn’t just the beautiful house and rooms, or the delicious breakfast, or the seriously amazing service and all the back and forth emails to help me plan my drive around the cape and to Franschoek and finding restaurants and all that. It was the special kindness shown when my wallet was lost (and then found!). It was Tomas and the sensitive and persistent way he forced me to accept kindness and hospitality. It was Phil pushing cheese and wine and just bounding with energy and cheer.  It was taking the trunk full of things to my room, and the detailed walking directions to the bus stop, and the carefully made breakfasts-to-go! The list goes on and on.Most of all, it was the simple kindness shown to me by ALL of the staff. Not to be cheesy, but it was such a blessing and a light in an otherwise hard time in my life. THANK YOU. Thank you for restoring me. For giving me a quiet and safe place to breathe and rest. Thank you for the blessing and knowledge that there are good and kind people who work hard and give of themselves to build others up and give them rest and cheer. You do amazing work, and I’m so grateful to have been able to experience it." Grace, New Jersey, May 2014

 "Yes, it is a long way up from Africa, we arrived tired late at night, but very happy and enriched with new impressions and inspirations. And I will repeat again, our finale at Parker Cottage was just 'grande'! The solar jars arrived safe and sound and are shining now in Beirut, thanks so much, Phil, for your generous helpfulness. Everything at Parker Cottage was just perfect, honestly. The way you organized our gallery round tour with the taxi driver Shoufiq was wonderful, we would not have been able to do it in such a short time on our own. The breakfast, so healthily and so delicious, the wine tasting evening on the veranda so nicely convivial and every inch of your garden so full of beauty and charm….I enjoyed so much wandering with my eyes around there. Again, thank you so much, we treasure dearly our encounter with Parker in our memory and wish you and Liz a good winter time, while we will storage the Mediterranean sun rays in the African solar jars, thinking that may be, one day, you will visit us here ;-)" Cesar and Gabriele, Beirut, May 2014

 "Thank you to all at Parker for making our stay in Cape Town so memorable. The accommodation and location are fantastic and the breakfasts sensational, not to mention the great personal assistance from the entire team. We could not have asked for more and would happily stay at Parker when next we visit Cape Town. I have already recommended Parker to a number of friends and family" Ian, Devi and family, Brisbane, April 2014

"We cannot say enough good things about our stay at Parker Cottage.  Everything was great!  Our accommodations were wonderful, and all of you were so friendly and helpful that we truly wished we could have stayed longer with you.  Thank you for providing such a "family" atmosphere.  We will be doing our reviews for Trip Advisor which is where I found out about Parker Cottage.  Please continue just as you are and your bed & breakfast will always be teeming with happy guests!" Tim and Diane, North Carolina, April 2014

 " Parker Cottage - this is probably the best B&B that we have ever stayed in from a service perspective - Phil and his team are amazing! We spent three nights: the B&B is gorgeous, but what made our stay even more special is the genuine interest and attention to guests that is provided by Phil, Tomas and the team.  Phil greets us at breakfast and inquires if we wanted some assistance in planning our stay in Cape Town.  By the time we are ready to begin the day exploring around town, we have tickets in hand for the tourist bus and Table Mountain cable car, a walking itinerary for the day and dinner reservations at Aubergine.  After the five (yes 5) course breakfast we need to walk all day if we are going to even think about dinner!  This is the first exercise we’ve had since arriving! Cape Town had a lot to offer and you could certainly spend a week exploring the streets and dining at great restaurants – Phil (Parker Cottage) is insistent we will be back and you could come back to just enjoy his superb hospitality which even continued into Stellenbosch."  The Callanders, USA, April 2014

"Parker Cottage in Cape Town was probably our preferred place to stay of the entire trip. The hosts are super friendly, always helpful with advise on what to do and visit and for making reservations, etc. The breakfasts are amazing, and we are not using the word lightly." The Widmers, Germany, April 2014

 "If you have read my review on Trip Advisor you will know how happy we were that we ended up at Parker Cottage. The fact that you follow up on customer feedback shows how important you think customer service is. Rare is this world, I think.  Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to meet you and enjoy the wonderful hospitality offered by Parker Cottage.  Sonja, Australia, April 2014

"I was amazed and charmed by the level of service and comfort at Parker Cottage. I know this isn't terribly helpful, but I can't think of a single thing I'd want to change in any way."  Gavin, Scotland, April 2014.

“Among many things we appreciated most the time you allowed your guests to arrive. Absoltuely unique was the welcoming: the English lady that greeted us , sat down with us an spent some time to inquire about our wishes. thouroughly enjoyable.  Then there were the booklets for guided tours, the walk in town for example.  We also were greatful for the tips for the winelands, and Liz's printouts for the way to Rainbow's end (a difficult and steep drive on gravel road, but worth it, as we got to know some outstanding wines, that are even exported to Switzerland, to Kapweine , a shop near our hometown).  Additionally we immensely enjoyed your winetasting on Thursday evening, and the casual meeting of the other guests, which ended in receiving tips for restaurants in Hermanus.  We were also pleased with your warning of our booking a very small room, and indeed very small it was indeed. A pity we could only change it for one night as you were fully booked. Congratulations  for your guest house and  thanks for a wonderful experience.” Urs  and Margarith, Switzerland, April 2014

 "Providing access to SKY News TV, even though we know you don't normally have televisions in the rooms, was extremely thoughtful of you and Lexi. I know I was a bit of a pain asking for it but as Lexi knows, I hate being out-of-touch with what’s going on in the world. I could live without it. Either way I cannot thank you enough. All of your staff were superb Phil and I can promise you that on future trips to the Mother City we will stay at Parker Cottage.” Irene and John, Hermanus, April 2014



 "You guys would easily win a "guesthouse of the century" award if we had our say. We have indeed safely made our trip back to our temporary home in London. We'll continue to think about any additional feedback we might have and in the interim will work on drafting an enthusiastic review for Parker Cottage on Tripadvisor. I should note that we enjoy simplicity - and one thing has been greatly simplified for us going forward: where we will stay each time we return to Cape Town. Perhaps that's all the review really needs to say... Thank you again for all your hospitality and for making our stay truly memorable. We look forward to seeing you again on our next trip to SA in a couple years." Joa and Carolyn, London, March 2014

We simply cannot thank you guys enough for the welcome, hospitality and service shown to us during our stay. The house and the team greatly surpassed all expectations and I cannot and would not consider staying elsewhere when we return – as we are already planning to next Feb all being well.  Please pass on our thanks to all the staff – in particular Lexi, Thomas, Thandie & Donovan – all of who went out of their way to make our stay so perfect. Re: the tip – it was the very least that we could to acknowledge the level of service received. Also – please thank Chris who again went above and beyond – even arranging the creation of Kirsty's engagement ring J Thanks again to all – a truly memorable stay in an amazing B&B, in an amazing city, in an amazing country. In the words of Gen Douglas Douglas MacArthur – “ I shall return.” Alan and Kirsty, Ireland, March 2014


"Thank you again for all your help in planning our vacation! Your advice and assistance was so essential to making our holiday a success. We all enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage! The breakfast was wonderful, our rooms very comfortable and the staff so helpful. It was comforting to me to know you we all there to help us. I felt like we had friends so far from home. If we are lucky enough to return to Cape Town, we will absolutely stay at Parker Cottage."  Amy, Andrew, Don and Beth, USA, March 2014


 “We just wanted to say thank you for a truly wonderful stay. You all really pamper and spoil guests it is ridiculous! The concept of service, cleanliness, friendliness and attention to detail is embrace by every person we came in touch with to a degree that really is the exception rather than the rule in hospitality today. You always put the guests at the centre of everything and really go the extra mile. With your smiles, great communication, anticipation and detailed organisation combined with your wonderful "Capetonian Style" you make this look very effortless, when in truth it is very hard work. The breakfast is second to none, absolutely first-class: served in courses ! Now this is a very fine tradition from a bygone area.   Thank you for making us feel at home-away-from-home and really make our vacation special. Our dearest greetings to Tom, unfortunately we could not thank him in person, for his warm welcome and info and reservations he made for us.” Michael and Susanna, Germany, March 2014


"Many thanks for looking after us so well during our stay in Cape Town. We had a wonderful time and the service at Parker Cottage was excellent! We would not have changed a thing and Lexi and Tomas took very good care of us - thank you! We will definitely recommend Parker Cottage and come back again."
Denise and Michael, Edinburgh, February 2014

"Thanks for your email, we had a tremendous stay and are sorry to be back in cold, wet London today. Having stayed at a couple of other places for the remainder of our stay we can honestly say yours was head and shoulders above the others and neither of them were bad in any way. There is nothing we can think of to improve it, it was perfect. You will see definitely see us again and no doubt our friends as we will be singing your praises to all of them."
Neil and Alison, London, February 2014

"What a holiday! We will certainly be back—we intend to become swallows, spending our winters on the Cape. Without question, we will always begin and end our stay in South Africa at Parker Cottage.By the way, even in your absence, Parker Cottage was beautifully run. We were welcomed and pampered from the start. Thank you for your many kindnesses. We could not have asked for a better start and end to our wonderful S. African holiday."
Lynn and Nino, Florence, February 2014

"Thank you for your friendly letter. The stay at Parker’s was wonderful, especially because of your warm welcome and service, and the breakfast, of course. At the moment we try to pass the equator, but riding up to north with a small Polo is a hard job. We need your Land Rover!"
Mechthild and Thomas, Kinshasa, January 2014

"I had such a wonderful time in Cape Town and the surrounding areas - I will definitely be back again that's for sure. As far as your lovely guesthouse is concerned I wouldn't change anything. I loved staying there and I would recommend it to my friends and family for sure. The house and all the staff are a delight and you were all so welcoming and so very helpful - I really appreciated it."
Caroline, Dubai, January 2014

"Thanks for your note, and for everything you helped us with during our stay, we had an amazing time! In terms of feedback - I can honestly say there is nothing I would change about our experience - you were perfect: In particular the drinks on arrival, the friendly staff, the facilities, all exemplary. I have already recommended you to family, and will do so should I learn that any friends are planning a trip your way.Keep it up, it was a pleasure to stay with you, and a joy to experience an operation where everyone involved took such pride in their work. Ten out of ten."
Jon and Ros, London, January 2014

"Our stay with you guys was truly memorable, more comments to follow, all positive stuff !! Will try and pop in when we back in CT"
Mike and Stephanie, January 2014

“We absolutely loved Parker Cottage. Phil and his staff took excellent care of us and their "home" was so beautiful. We were sorry to have to leave and while Cape Manor was very nice it was a bit of a let-down after Parker Cottage."
Becky and family, USA, January 2014

"We cannot express our gratitude enough for how everyone at Parker Cottage in such a natural way made us feel at home. When coming back to PC after being out all day or just coming home from dinner etc we felt a welcoming warmth exuding from the place even when the place was quiet and the staff had left for home. We felt completely safe at all times at PC."
Gerri, Ross, Carole and Sheree, Perth, January 2014

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you: everything was perfect although I think we have all gained some extra kilo's because of the fabulous breakfasts! Chris was great on our tour and Tomas helped us pack up the car when we departed."
Bee and John, George, January 2014

"It was really lovely to meet you last week. Thanks for all of the wonderful sightseeing advice, friendly company, and solutions for unusual problems like sheep fur. Of course, this goes for everyone at Parker Cottage - we had a fabulous stay with you and loved Cape Town. Breakfast will never be the same after experiencing yours, and my NY apartment decor seems amazingly bland after all of the artistic touches you put into your space there."
Carrie and David, NYC, January 2014

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say a sincere and heartfelt thanks for making our stay in CT truly memorable. Emma and I were blown away by everything you do at Parker Cottage. We have done a reasonable amount of travel (never as much as we'd like) and it really is the best all-round accommodation we have stayed in throughout the world...incredibly helpful and warm staff, amazing food, beautiful residence, all with a social conscience. Anyway, we loved your city, in fact we loved SA, and its people too and we will certainly be back, hoping that we can make a booking with you again. 
Take care and hope you have a stellar 2014...you guys deserve it!" 
Craig and Emma, Sydney, January 2014

"Thanks again for a very nice stay in Cape Town. We really felt at home at Parker Cottage! I am happy to sum up the facts we liked the best during our stay:
1. The breakfast menu is A***** style. Even at very high class hotels breakfast is not as good. What is really great is that the variety of specials is so rich that we had something new every day (although we almost stayed a week!)
2. The warm welcome from Tomas along with the helpful introduction of Cape Town's highlights, low lights, hidden champions, go areas, and no-go areas was really great. I believe this was one of the reasons we really got the most out of our stay in Cape Town and we live in South Africa.
3. Your great help with restaurant reservations during the busiest season of the year was highly appreciated. I was already very impressed by your detailed and personalized restaurant list you sent to me upfront before our arrival.
4. We felt so much at home, we walked barefoot through the house, like when we were getting a beer out of the fridge. So nice." 
Fanny and Kristoph, Johannesberg, January 2014

"The Sewall family had a wonderful stay at Parker Cottage and we thank you for your warm hospitality. I'm not sure we would ask you to change anything. We truly feel that Parker Cottage is our home in Cape Town and can't wait to return. We promise it won't take us 3 1/2 years this time!" 
Charles, Sherry and family, Dar es Salam, December 2013

"I had a wonderful stay at the Parker Cottage. That bathtub was a decadent treat, the meals were amazing, and it was all wrapped up with subtle touches and warm hospitality that makes one feel like they are not quite so far away from home. A real gem!"
Leah, Toronto, December 2013

"All of us truly enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage. Something interesting: the week prior, at our timeshare "resort" our group was rather vocal in suggesting improvements. At Parker Cottage all I heard were rave reviews! In fact, many said they wouldn't change a thing. I believe a key thing is the way you welcome and greet people when they first arrive. You immediately put our group at ease with a comfortable seat on the porch and something to drink. You had a charming way of dealing with questions from our diverse group and making everyone feel special. Your whole staff is excellent, and I especially thank Thomas and Lexi for all their good recommendations and help. Parker Cottage is the only place we would stay on a return to Cape Town, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone traveling there"
Sid, Carlene and friends, USA, November 2013

"We're home in Inverness now, our trip home was long but not too bad. Thanks again for everything, we had a lovely time in Cape Town and your lovely home and hospitality were certainly a highlight, we honestly can't think of anything we would have changed. Thanks again and continued success in your business, our sincere thanks to you both and all your staff" 
Alan and Jenny, Inverness, November 2013

"Thank you to you and Lexi and all your gracious staff for another relaxing stay at Parker Cottage. We really enjoyed our weekend with you and appreciate your fabulous service. We hope to see you again soon!"
Ashley and Desmond, Johannesberg, November 2013

"Parker Cottage in Cape Town was phenomenal. The staff was amazing, the breakfasts to die for, and Phil was the consummate host. I don't think we've ever been treated better! We were disappointed that we didn't get to meet Liz, but she was studying for her doctorate and made herself scarce. We did end up taking a day tour down the peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope with Chris, who was a total delight." 
Deirdre and Morris, California, November 2013

"We have been racking our very exhausted brains to come up with any possible improvement(s) that you might be able to make to increase the pleasure we have taken with us and the memory of your hosting our holiday. Frankly, nothing comes to mind. I don't mean to short you on possible changes that could be made, but, we cannot think of any. One thing: you should clone Thomas, your manager.. He is fantastic. The cooks (I saw you with a pan as well) are wonderful as the food was out of this world. We talked about it all the way home!
Morris and Diedre, California, November 2013

"I just wanted to say a special thanks - not only was the Parker Cottage service and product excellent, your personal commitment to getting our rental car tire fixed was outstanding, thank you very much for a very special and memorable visit to Cape Town. You went way beyond what was expected." 
Paul and friends, South Africa October 2013

"We really loved our stay at Parker: the attitude of all the staff and in particular Phil’s really good sense of humour, made us feel very at home. We really liked the staff's professionalism and friendliness, Phil’s good humour, the wonderful breakfasts, the interior decorating, the cleanliness and neatness of the whole place, the comfortable bed,quiet area, ideally situated for excursions into the city, good security, the bathroom soaps, towels and goodies were great."
Alan and Leonora, White River (RSA) September 2013

"Enjoyed my stay from the very beginning until we left. Sorry,to say, I saw no room for improvement (I would tell you if i could help Parker Cottage). The most important item for me is that my place is clean. You met that expectation with an A plus. I was truly impressed that you were helping the other couple to look for a place for their family. I loved the wine tasting and your delicious variety of cheeses. Breakfast was surprising and mmmmmmmmm soooooooo good. Thank you and Liz for your outstanding hospitality." 
Carol and Joe, New Jersey, September 2013

"We were all very impressed with Parker Cottage, both the position, decor, comfort and cleanliness and the food and service. You and Lexi helped to make us feel very comfortable and "at home", and the backup you gave with recommendations and bookings went far beyond the "call of duty" and made our stay in Cape Town an absolute pleasure. I would have no hesitation in recommending Parker Cottage to anyone, particularly from overseas, visiting Cape Town. We warmed to Chris and greatly enjoyed the drive he took us on. He is quite an asset to your business and like you and Lexi, he engenders a desire to know him better and see him again in future." 
Graham and friends, Australia, September 2013

"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful stay. I have stayed in guesthouses through the US and in Ireland and yours is by far one of the best. You and your staff are absolutely top notch. The travel is long, but well worth it." 
Stephanie, USA, September 2013

"Our stay was wonderful, we were referred by a friend who had stayed there, and we in turn will undoubtedly refer other friends when they are in town. We wracked our brains but couldn't come up with any improvements or changes- our stay was really perfect." 
Colleen and Sheree, Johannesberg, September 2013

"Please advise the travelers to stay only at the end of their holiday in your B&B because it is for the others hard to keep up with your breakfast, the heavenly beds with super soft sheets/cushions and all the smiling faces."
Josee, Luxembourg, September 2013

"Everything was great and I can't think of anything I would change or was missing. We enjoyed getting to know you and the other guests, too. You were always so helpful in suggesting places to go to see, eat and shop. Our breakfasts were outstanding!!!!! We will definitely recommend Parker Cottage to any one we know will be going to Cape Town in the future. Thank you, again for everything!" 
Su and Kim, Flordia, August 2013

"We are also dreaming of returning to gorgeous Cape Town and to Parker Cottage! I am not exaggerating when I say that Parker Cottage is my favorite place I've ever stayed anywhere on Earth! You, Liz, Lexi, Chris, and your entire team are so excellent at what you do and provide such a warm, cozy and elegant refuge. You also provide the best breakfasts we've every had - anywhere - and I am still experiencing withdrawls from no one offering me warm chocolate croissants upon finishing an entire English breakfast.
You do know I took a photo of your breakfasts on our final morning? I may well be framing your English breakfast and hanging it in our house. I think it is quite deserving of such an hommage."
Mark and Amy, Montana, August 2013

"Thanks for the note. It was such a lovely trip with perfect accommodations! We will certainly stay with you again should we take a future trip to Cape Town."
Laura and Saman, Dubai, August 2013

"I've been back in hot, humid, Saudi Arabia for a few days now, and I wanted to reply while my trip was still fresh in my mind. I have to say that I can't think of any improvements to suggest. Parker Cottage was a great start and finish to my South African visit. The guest rooms are spacious and nicely furnished, the sitting areas are very comfortable, and the variety and quality of the breakfasts were the best that I experienced among the four B&Bs and two hotels where I stayed. Chris' services were also outstanding. I especially appreciated how you greeted me, asked about my interests, and tailored information and services accordingly. My only regret was not taking your advice for a taxi to the base of Lions Head, but I learned that lesson in time for Table Mountain! Thanks for everything. I will certainly recommend Cape Town and Parker Cottage to any of my coworkers interested in experiencing South Africa."
Jerry, Saudi Arabia, August 2013

"Julie and I have just arrived back in the USA this week. We had a wonderful time in Cape Town and an awesome stay at Parker Cottage. As a matter of fact we are recommending your establishment to everyone that we know will be traveling to Cape Town. The hospitality, in my opinion, is unmatched. I too am sorry that we missed you on our very early departure to the airport.I would have liked to say my goodbyes. But, I do plan to visit your beautiful city again some day and will definitely be in touch with you for accommodations." 
Laura and Julie, USA, August 2013

"We hebben erg genoten van ons verblijf in Kaapstad en in jullie cottage. We kunnen moeilijk iets bedenken wat nog beter kan. Jullie waren erg gastvrij en de service was uitstekend." 
Edvard and Annemieke July 2013

"Creating a place that feels like home when it is not your home is truly a gift- you and everyone there have that gift.... Thank you again for such a wonderful stay. I am going to go home and figure out how many pennies we need to put together to come back to Cape Town" 
Taki and Ali, USA, July 2013

"We loved our visit, found everything meeting and exceeding our expectations and were impressed with how quickly you, and the rest of the staff, would respond to any request.The part we probably appreciated most was the wine tasting evening. It brought a group of strangers from different parts of the world together and they felt like friends after that evening. It is an excellent idea, and we felt as if we were leaving family behind when we left."
Arista and Franswa, Sydney, May 2013

"We had a wonderful time in Cape Town. Parker cottage is like a home away from home. You have really gone an extra mile to make us welcome and it almost felt like staying with a good friend or relative from Cape Town! We really hope that we had more time to enjoy Cape Town and your fabulous breakfast." 
Wei Pang and May May, Singapore, April 2013

"I just checked again my credit card statement and wanted to send you a belated thank you note. I have received the credit from Agoda on my card now and everything is in order. Thanks for all the effort that you have taken to get that re-fund executed. That together with the great stay that we had at your place makes for an excellent customer experience and we know where we will stay when we go to Cape Town next time! And so we have told our friends…" 
Ulrike, Germany, April 2013

"We wanted to send a note of thanks for our delightful introduction to Cape Town chez Parker. We felt welcomed, at home, and well taken care of throughout our stay. And surrounded by beauty, indoors and out. It was truly a vacation, and a place we could imagine returning, time and circumstances permitting."
Meg and Duke, Boston, April 2013

"Thank you for a wounderful time with you! You were so lovely and caring and we felt we were in heaven. Every thing with you was perfekt. The room, the staff, the food and the athmosfere. We couldn't ask for more."
Lotta and Gote, Sweden April 2013

"We loved being there and felt we had a base in CT to work from. We can't honestly think of any shortcomings in what you offer -what does impress is the training and motivation of your staff -that is not easy across the range. And of course you both add the rest." 
John and Mary, London, April 2013

"I really enjoyed my stay with you and particularly valued the genuine care and interest you all had in what we were up to.As I said at the time, I'd rate your hotel as the best I have stayed in during all my travels (and I've done a lot including some very well established places like the Danielli)! I put this down to the elegance, charm and relaxed style of the place along with the wine evening and breakfast of course." 
Matt, Swansea, April 2013

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage and we think you have got things just right. It's hard to know how you could improve things as everything was perfect - location, ambience, room, service, breakfast, staff, honesty bar etc. (and of course price!). We also really appreciated all the little touches such as local info on walks and restaurants plus all the extra things you did for us too with organising very reasonable car hire, taxis, tickets etc. which is a huge help when away."
Kate and Henry, London, April 2013

"We so much enjoyed staying at Parker Cottage, and will certainly highly recommend it as a place to stay, and enjoy a most fabulous breakfast! We miss SA and do hope to get back some day. We have much more to see!" 
Barbara and Dick, USA, April 2013

"We passed a marvellous week at Parker Cottage in November 2012. From the very beginning Parker cottage welcomed us very friendly. During our stay we felt a familiar and service minded atmosphere. We enjoyed the lovely breakfasts with several dishes, including fresh fruits and the surprise “today’s special”. Phil, Liz and their staff were always there to help us out with both big and small questions. We appreciated the wine evenings they arranged, we spent a nice time chatting with the other guests.
Thank you for making our days in Cape Town unforgettable. We warmly recommend a stay at Parker Cottage."
Eva and Bengt, Sweden, April 2013

"We can assure you that we had a very good time at Parker Cottage and that never before we experienced such a cordial hospitality and excellent service. Without doubt we would choose Parker Cottage again at any time, and we very much hope that our next trip will be in the foreseeable future."
Martina and Walter, Zurich, April 2013

"You have service down to the fine art that it is, provided with intelligence and genuine generosity of spirit, every single one of you. It was a joy to be a guest in your Cottage. It was such a treat to sit out in the mornings in the garden and commune with the water and the birds and flowers, a true sanctuary, as I said to you."
Naida, Ottowa, March 2013

"We had the most amazing trip and a lovely stay at Parker Cottage thank you. We will definitely be recommending you to any friends or family travelling to Cape Town in the future. We honestly can't think of anything to improve on I don't think! The house was immaculate and beautifully decorated. Our room and bathroom were amazing as were the lovely fluffy dressing gowns! Breakfast was yummy and set us up for the rest of the day. We also really enjoyed the wine evening - really nice way to get to know you both and the other guests."
Sarah and George, UK, March 2013

"We have had such a great time at Parker Cottage and in SA and we will for sure come back one day! Thank you for making our stay so wonderful - we definitely felt "at home" in your beautiful bedrooms and throughout the whole house. All the staff are so wonderful and friendly and kind. Well done, really. It was nice to stay in such a clean, tidy and safe place - and also such a special place."
Valerie and Renata, Hamburg, March 2013

"Thank you so much for making our first days in Cape Town so unforgettable. You were definitely the best guesthouse we stayed in during our trip! Your breakfast was just heavenly, you gave us such a warm welcome and your tips and recommendations were the best! Thanks so much and we would also like to wish you a wonderful new year with lots of surprises and success!"
Sarah and Alexander, France, January 2013

"So keep up the good work we would say, we will definitely recommend Parker Cottage to others. Beyond the beautiful guesthouse and the wonderful breakfast, the real added value of Parker Cottage, in our humble opinion, are the very personalized service and the extremely helpful and hospitable attitude of the whole team – a big plus compared to many other places!"
Hilde and Alessandro, Bruxelles/Milan February 2013

"We loved our stay and honestly wouldn't change a thing! The accomodations were inviting and comfortable, the breakfasts were delicious (and so filling -- we hardly had to eat lunch), and we appreciated everyone's help with rentals, recommendations, etc. We would not hesitate to recommend Parker Cottage to anyone traveling to Cape Town (and we hope to encourage many of our friends to do so)."
Bharat and Paige, Washington DC, January 2013

"We had a fantastic time at Parker Cottage. Diana and Lexi were wonderfully helpful in every respect, from giving us great advice on things to do and places to see, to booking restaurants, coach tours, and cable car reservations for us. We could not have asked for better hospitality. The room was excellent (small bath and proximity to the front door were no problem), and the breakfasts! They kept us going straight through to dinner, no lunch necessary. We'll certainly return to Parker Cottage should we come your way again and in the meantime we are sending you at least one couple in the very near future."
Steven and Monica December 2012

"You and your team are doing a wonderful job. You've got a beautiful guest house, great tips to eat and explore Cape. We'll definitely recommend your place!"
Guilherme and Nicole, San Paolo, December 2012

"I actually tell no lie when I say there is absolutely nothing I can think of to improve Parker Cottage, it is obvious that endless amounts of time has gone into the development of the finest bed and breakfast (in my humble opinion) in Cape Town! Parker Cottage is so much more than just a bed and breakfast, you (Phil and Liz) and actually all of the PC team, go out of your way to make your guests stay in Cape Town have the best possible experience. There is now no other place in Cape Town that I will stay because I am 100% sure that they will never reach Parker Cottage levels! Greeted every morning with a friendly 'hello' from whoever was pottering around at Parker Cottage or running inside to prepare INCREDIBLE breakfasts! I have missed my fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice so much....and the full English breakfasts, well, they are just something else. I know you won't agree that I actually had a full English breakfast because I will admit, I am a little bit fussy at times and never actually ordered the whole thing (!) but every day breakfast was amazing and I love that it is all so local."
Hannah and Lucy, London, December 2012

"I wanted to thank you for our great experience staying at Parker Cottage last week. Mona and I are back in Washington after our vacation in Cape Town and Kruger. We had a very comfortable and enjoyable stay at Parker. Thank you for arranging everything so nicely for us. I will recommend Parker to our friends here in DC and I wanted to send you a separate note to say thanks. Please pass on our appreciation to Yusif as well -- he did a great job in your absence the first couple of days -- and also to Babalwa and Thandeka. All in all, it was a great vacation and we have some wonderful memories of South Africa!"
Sree and Mona, Washington DC, July 2012

"We appreciated the pick-up from Chris at the airport, Yusif's evening greeting and assistance, Bab's and her colleague's amazing breakfasts and your warm welcome and ideas for how to best get around in Cape Town and what we needed make sure we got to. I have been mulling over whether there are any suggestions that I would make for you to consider. At the moment, I really can't think of anything. We felt at home and very comfortable at Parker. A couple of things I particularly appreciated that I would encourage you not to change are: the availability of wine and beverages in the kitchen on the honor system (I know this is not uncommon, but I really appreciate it), providing the unexpected snack when we arrived late our first night - that was a great surprise and the book with listings of recommended restaurants."
Paula and Nathan, USA July 2012

"I have little to offer but gushing praise for Parker Cottage. From my welcome to my goodbye, your hospitality was impeccable and very greatly appreciated. I came to South Africa not knowing a soul but was made to feel remarkably at home by you and by the entire Parker staff. The cottage itself had a warm and refined air that I found very pleasing, and the premises were very well maintained. Your commitment to greenness and to social causes, e.g. fair-trade coffee and envelopes made by HIV sufferers, was highly impressive. The breakfasts were simply scrumptious, and the availability of specials and the ability to make custom orders were nice touches. The large table in the dining room was a wonderful feature, as it made breakfast a very social occasion. From assistance in finding a lens filter to excellent restaurant recommendations, even my time away from Parker was made easier and more enjoyable than it would have been had I had to manage on my own. I enjoyed the tours of the Cape Peninsula and the Winelands to such a degree that I must also put in a good word for Chris and Dudley."
David, Vancouver, 2012

"We were very happy with our decision to stay at Parker Cottage and much appreciated your kind hospitality. It was a bonus to have so many lovely restaurants within walking distance and, should we return to Cape Town, we wouldn't hesitate to stay with you again."
Trevor and Maureen, Perth, May 2012

"I really appreciated the service you both provided. The personal help with planning our visit, dinner reservations, calling taxis, helping with car rentals, and the patience you both have. We definitely appreciated the late breakfast after we totally slept in past noon on our first night (that was beyond our expectation). We appreciated the availability of internet and computers and being able to have things printed (this was sorely missed at other guesthouses subsequently). Thanks so much! I hope to be sending some friends and family your way and I know they will be in excellent hands."
Monique and Chris, New York, May 2012

"We are back in the crazy Johannesburg life with a sore heart – we wish we were at Parker Cottage. Thank you very much for a wonderful time – it is just what the doctor ordered!!! I feel totally relaxed from a relatively short time away. Your guest lodge is a very special place with a wonderful vibe that encourages one to leave your troubles at the door – actually down the road – and just reconnect back to yourself. 
The friendly welcome, great room, coffees and teas, biscuits, wine evening and let’s not forget the breakfasts – WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I do not have enough words to express the thanks you deserve."
Kevin and Penelope, South Africa, May 2012

"We're so glad Charlie & Breda introduced us to you guys, we had an amazing time. Nine times out of ten we're ready to go home at the end of a 2 week holiday but this time we didn't want it to end. We would give constructive criticism and thought long and hard about it but there's not a single thing you can improve o. Thanks for being the perfect hosts. Fingers crossed, we'll see you again next year."
Marlize and Matt, UK, April 2012

"We had the most amazing time in South Africa and we tremendously enjoyed staying at your place. You and your team made us feel most welcome! You really have a unique jewel of a guesthouse, a house that shows your warmth, your heart and your love in every detail. If we ever have the chance of owning a guesthouse or a restaurant or anything in that category we would hope that our personality would shine as much as yours in every way. "
Bali and Bent, Denmark, April 2012

"Thank you very much for the lovely stay we had in Cape Town, you made our first visit in your beautiful city and region a very memorable experience. Our stay with you was delightful, and beyond the lovely house you have so elegantly decorated, the people of Parker Cottage are the souvenirs we will cherish for a long time!”
Jean Noel and Christophe, March 2012

“Himank and I wanted to thank you again for the lovely time we had in Cape Town. Our stay was all the more nicer because of the lovely hospitality we received at Parker Cottage. We were pleasantly surprised by the effort each of you took to ensure that all the guests had a good stay in CPT and we appreciate all the help! We really couldnt have asked for a nicer place to stay at for our honeymoon!”
Githanjali and Himank, India, March 2012

"But thank you and the entire parker team for your hospitality! We had an unforgettable stay - and I still miss the parker. Breakfast! Didn't expect the freshness of all the products! We felt home thanks to you all. That's what you promise and you deliver and live this credo. Believe me I can judge as I am working in a similar industry and get to see many things!"
Urs and Cyrill, Switzerland, March 2012

"Thank you for your hospitality and I very much liked to stay with you in your beautiful "Parker Cottage".Keep on your way as you have done it before, people to stay with you can be lucky with you and your always friendly staff!"
Henning, Germany, March 2012

"We want to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at the Parker Cottage. The rooms, service, staff, amenities, food, logistical support, etc. were outstanding. You couldn't have made us feel more relaxed and "at home." And, with your help, we got to see quite a lot of the Cape without a great deal of hassle on our part. Thanks again."
Dick and Chattye USA March 2012

"I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality during our stay over the weekend, which was phenomenal and much appreciated by all. You are doing an amazing job, and we would recommend Parker Cottage at the drop of hat…in fact, already working on parents to see if they fancy a trip out there. I do hope I will get to stay with you again in the future."
Kassa, Canada, February 2012

"My sisters and I had such a wonderful time staying at the cottage and visiting Cape Town in general. It is one of the best holidays I have had. Your breakfasts were to die for and we all ate way too much so all three of us are now on various diets in an effort to get rid of those unwanted pounds :-(. Parker Cottage will certainly be at the top of the list of a place to stay on my next visit to Cape Town"
Primrose and Patience, February 2012

"Thank you for your e-mail. We both loved out short time at Parker Cottage - a lovely oasis of calm and tranquility. We loved the garden and the decor in the room and I have to say it was our best breakfast in SA! "
Catherine and Ed, Oxford, January 2012

"We both really enjoyed our stay in South Africa, and also our stay at Parker Cottage, and we've both really struggled to think of anything we think you could do differently. The food was fantastic, and we particularly loved the daily breakfast specials - they were a lovely touch. The room totally exceeded my expectation, especially as it was called your 'Cosy' room, and it was really quite spacious! You were both very helpful and so welcoming - the coffee and juice and use of shower of arrival was generous and just perfect having just got off a long flight. So all in all we can totally see why you are rated so highly on TripAdvisor - it was a fantastic stay."
Katy and Fraser, Scotland January 2012

"We loved our stay at Parker Cottage. You showed us great hospitality and we love your house. It is so wonderfully decorated with special colours and furniture in every room. We really felt that you have thought through all the details! And the breakfasts on the patio was also very nice, and the service was great!"
Karin and Family, Sweden, January 2012

"First of all we would like to thank you again for our unforgettable stay at Parker: the warm hospitality, the delicious breakfast and good coffee, all the help we received with luggage, restaurant, taxi and tours in the Cape Town area, the wonderful room and of course we will not forget our very interesting wine evening!"
Xandra and Guido, Switzerland, December 2011

"I can't think of anything that needs to be changed, every guest house evolves to have it's own unique character and the historical style of Parker Cottage is very welcoming, the rooms are so comfortable and breakfast certainly adds to the need to diet on our return home because it's all so delicious."
Oriel and Alan, Zambia 2011

"Choosing Parker Cottage was pure serendipity. Every aspect of our stay was just delightful. I have always been known as a straight talker and would, if there were anything we felt needed improvement, tell you as requested. I simply can't. It was my intention to contact you to thank you for your warm hospitality but you beat me to it. You really go above and beyond for your guests."
Teresa and Rob, South Africa, December 2011

"I think I promised Liz a review or at least a comparison of Parker Cottage and the other places we stayed while in South Africa. Needless to say, Parker Cottage won our overall award. And here are some reasons why:
· The décor was so inviting and it takes a special eye to make an eclectic mix work. Liz's sense of style really looks as though it came from the pages of a home magazine. Loved the contemporary artwork mixed in antiques and great paint colors.
1. Little touches such as the tray of meats and cheeses, as well as the glasses of wine, awaiting us in our room when we arrived so late at night was so thoughtful
2. I especially liked the lavender scrub provided in the bath – most times these types of toiletries are not "nice"
3. Your breakfasts were awesome and portions substantial. It was so nice to have a choice! Possibly we were just lucky to be there when Phil's mom was visiting, but I believe you probably always offer a choice of most anything.
4. Your staff is amazing – always so cheery (especially Marie) and nice to see the same faces each day
5. Best of all, the two of you were perfect – very helpful, but never over bearing. Your suggestions were great and very much appreciated."
David and Michelle, Colorado, November 2011

"We couldn't be happier that we chose Parker Cottage, and we enjoyed every moment of our stay, both with you and in Cape Town. What a wonderful city. I'm so glad we added on extra time for Cape Town and had three whole days and some fractions to wander around and see for ourselves why we should have spent even more time exploring. Thanks so much for your hospitality; we appreciated feeling so much at home while so far from home" 
George and Amy, USA, November 2011

"It was certainly a very enjoyable experience staying at Parker, especially for a first time visit to Cape Town. For someone who can find fault with anything I failed at Parker and would recommend your guest house to anyone in the future."
Ron and Linda, Jersey, November 2011

"We loved Cape Town and Parker Cottage. I think you have the best breakfast going - that was probably the thing that swayed me into choosing you because you mentioned your breakfast specials on your website and it caught my eye."
Kathy and Catherine, Canada, October 2011

"Our holiday in Cape Town seems like such a distant, albeit wonderful memory. You really know how to look after your guests and we so appreciated your hospitality - we had the most amazing time, and have been raving about Parker Cottage to everyone who has unfortunately asked about our holiday.Chris is still going on about your breakfasts . . . we have just spent a lovely weekend at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi and each morning he was comparing the breakfasts, "not as good as Phil's at Parker Cottage." I think this will be his mantra wherever we go in the world now!"
Chris and Ruth, Muscat September 2011

"Abbiamo passato una bellissima luna di miele con voi al Parker Cottage! Grazie per la vostra ospitalità, per le serate dei vini, per la colazione ogni giorno diversa e abbondante, per la vostra semplicità e cortesia e per averci aiutato nella scoperta di Città del Capo. E... Grazie Phil per tutti gli sforzi per parlarci in italiano!!"
Daniela e Giomaria Sardegna July 2011

"I think it is your genuine friendliness, attention to the multitude of details in running your B & B, outstanding food and wonderful wine tasting Sunday night that combined to make our visit to Parker Cottage truly special. The Pomegranate Room was very nice. The other guests that we met at Parker Cottage were very interesting and we enjoyed chatting with them at breakfast and over wine."
Esther and John, New York July 2011

"We have to say that we enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage and will have no difficulty recommending you to our friends. We can't find much to say regarding improvements. We found all of you most welcoming, commencing with the drinks session on arrival."
Gilles and Virginia June 2011

"We certainly enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage; the only thing regret of our trip is not to have enough time to stay at Parker Cottage. Your hospitality really impressed us (especially the night when we arrived, which you patiently wait for us and go through all of the restaurants that we can have dinner); we have been to quite a few places in the world, and we have never encountered greater warmth anywhere else. Keep it up."
Shawn and Dawn, Hong Kong June 2011

"We so loved our stay at Parker Cottage and we will certainly recommend your beautiful house to anyone and everyone we know off to to Cape Town. We really can't think of anything else to feedback as we really were v happy customers. We will certainly return to you if we come back to the Cape."
Katie and David UK June 2011

"Very best wishes with your continued success - you certainly deserve it.
Seriously, you are a real professional. You take care to spend time with all your guests. You make people feel welcome and special. And the warmth and hospitality of your staff says a great deal about your staff management skills - and your humanity. It was a pleasure to stay."
Jane and Geoff, UAE, March 2011

"We had the most wonderful stay at Parker Cottage, and will ensure that every Cape Town trip is spent with you. I love secluded hide aways in a vibrant location, and Parker Cottage was perfect in this regard. In fact Parker Cottage was perfect in every regard!"
Sean, Richard and Sandy, Dubai. March 2011

"As you know, we stayed at many wonderful places during our 10 days in South Africa and I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay. With respect to how we would rate your services ... well, you'd be number one in lots of areas -- host friendliness and welcome, your wonderful and friendly staff (especially Marie and Donovan), your beautiful home (we especially love the porch) your "made to order" breakfasts, your computer and internet access helped keep me connected at home and I am sure I'll think of more but these are really standout areas vs. the other guest homes we visited."
Cheryl, Alex and Laura, Michigan (Jan 2011)

"You have managed to create a fantastic B&B and there is truly nothing that we could suggest improving - your attention to detail and warmth of welcome is just great. The room was extremely comfortable and spacious and as for the breakfasts what can we say - delicious. We also really enjoyed (to our surprise) the drinks on the terrace this is not something we would normally do but it was a lovely way to meet the other guest and get a chat with yourselves."
Sandra and Willie, Glasgow (Jan 2011)

"We have very much enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage. It was just perfect! Nowhere else did we receive this kind of (5-star!) service. The room was spacious and cool, and breakfast was very good. So, we will certainly recommend you to our friends and family and of course we will stay at Parker's if we should ever come to Cape Town again."
Wim and Moira, Brussels (Jan 2011)

"When we talked about b&b in south africa you mentioned the high competition. We can only say: RELAX, on our journey to PE we can only say, that you set the benchmark and no other accommodation could reach your lovely house, the hospitality and the great breakfast. Although everybody has to try to make things better, some things should stay the way they are!"
Wolfgang and Sandi (Jan 2011)

"We had a wonderful stay at Parker cottage. You are both superb hosts and concierges! From our perspective everything was perfect from the room to the breakfasts to your high level organization which left us with little to worry about except to have fun – and that we did."
Perry, Emmy, Steve and Karen, Vancouver

"Not only is Parker Cottage a lovely oasis, but the warm welcome that you offer your guests is especially appreciated. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions you offered, including car rental, restaurants, and Cape Town sights. It made our much too brief stay more enjoyable and enabled us to experience some of the best of the area in the limited time we had. We likewise found the discussion over wine and snacks with other guests to be very stimulating. One of the reasons we especially liked to stay at Parker Cottage is that the atmosphere encourages such exchanges among people from all over the world."
Jeff, Jane and Betty, USA

"I have been to Egypt, Jordan, Peru, Argentina and Brazil since I saw you last. In all those countries and places there was nowhere that compared to the hospitality and warmth of your wonderful cottage. Look forward to seeing you again"
Sue, Adelaide

"Be certain that whatever brings me or us to Cape Town, Parker Cottage will be the residence of choice, and the first destination to move to."
Ton and Kai, Amsterdam

"I can't think of anything you can do to improve on perfection. You and your family and staff are all so conscientious and sweet. We've stayed at a lot of B&Bs and the only one that comes close is Wild Horse Inn near Winter Park, Colorado, but since it's on the other side of the world, you don't have to worry! I do appreciate your having a wine evening while we were there. Also, all the guests were interesting and fun to talk to and it was nice to see all ages mixing together. Your itineraries were spot-on."
Chris and Randy, D.C.

"Having experienced several other guest houses in South Africa, I can honestly say that Parker Cottage was by far the best. It really was perfect. You had just the right balance of amenities, coziness, and charm. You and Liz have got it to a science! And Yasseen was just icing on the cake. His tour was unforgettable and he was such a generally nice guy to be around. I will recommend Parker Cottage (and Cape Town/South Africa) to any of my friends looking for the trip of a lifetime."
Drew and friends, Washington D.C.

"We all want to thank you and your staff for helping to make our stay in Cape Town an unforgettable experience. We already miss the creative and delicious breakfasts, our super comfortable rooms, and your helpful advice. Liz and Phil, it was a great experience all around staying at Parker Cottage. Thank you for taking such good care of us. If only all our travel accommodations were so pleasurable."
Edward, Marla and family USA

"We had a fab time in SA and enjoyed our stay at Parker's Cottage very much. Loved the brekkie and big bed, not sure what improvements we could come up with, and that's a good sign. Believe me, we are critical :). We definitely will be back, so just keep up with what it is like now and our return will be as pleasant as our stay this time."
Peter and Omar, London

"We had the holiday of our lives, I think! You did just fine, couldn't have been any better. Parker Cottage was really a surprise for all of us, and now everybody is asking me how I did find you in the first place. We encourage everyone to go there: you're small and that's the charm of the place - keep it small and beautiful.

"Arriving there end of Jan I told my companions that you'll get personal service - and I think they realize now what I meant. Never felt so much as a whole large family at a hotel as over these days in Cape Town. Make no mistake: if we'd come to S Africa again - we'll stay with you."
Harry, Norway

"Siamo rientrati ieri in Italia, è stato un viaggio davvero indimenticabile per molti motivi, uno di questi siete senz'altro voi. La vostra accoglienza, disponibilità e cortesia ci hanno davvero colpito e reso memorabile il soggiorno nella Città Madre. Ancora grazie di tutto non vi dimenticheremo, parleremo di voi a tutti i nostri amici che visiteranno il Sud Africa."
Mauro e Barbara, Milano

"After having been spoilt at Parker, we decided that you and Liz have managed to straddle the precarious balance between being involved and available, yet unobtrusive. Thank you again for a truly special and classy stay."
Yvette and Rachel Durban and New York

"It's more than a month since we stayed with you but the memory lingers on. Thinking back on our trip to South Africa our stay with you was a fantastic starting point. You have created such a wonderful atmosphere in your house that we were made to feel like dear friends that were guests in your home. Hospitality and generosity are the key words and the way you created a real house party of all your guests on your wine evenings added that little extra something. We will truly never forget you and hope to be back soon! You can use the attached photos if you want. Congrats on your new acquisition – No.1.
Just so you know, we have several friends who are planning trips to Cape Town and we have urged them all to stay with you! In our feed back to our travel agency we recommended that they send all their guests to you."
Gisela and Anders, Sweden

"We would all like to thank you for making us feel so welcome and for helping us to enjoy our time in Cape Town so much. Your assistance with the collection of the hire vehicle was very much appreciated as was all the information you provided us with, it really helped us to get the most out of our short period in Cape Town. The wine and nibbles evening was a really nice touch and it meant that guests got to know a little about each other and to join in. I personally have never stayed anywhere around the world that has done anything like this and I think it is a great idea and a great success."
Lorraine, Peter, Karen and Pip (Gerald)

"Jullie wonen in een hele leuke wijk waar je gemoedelijk buiten kunt wandelen en om de hoek een coffeeshop of restaurant. Alles binnen handbereik en Capetown is de moeite waard! Je vroeg of ik nog aanbevelingen had, wel eigenlijk niet! Jullie formule, familiair, vertrouwen en flexibiliteit daar houden wij van en zeker van jullie persoonlijke touch. Een borrel met elkaar drinken met een zekere vrijblijvendheid is speciaal. Even contact maken met de andere gasten, ervaringen uitwisselen of tips van jullie ontvangen onder het genot van heerlijke wijn moet je in ieder geval erin houden! Zo te horen blijven jullie in beweging om alles nog meer te vervolmaken qua interieur ofschoon het tot nu toe al heel smaakvol ingericht is. Met veel geduld en liefde benaderen jullie de gasten maar ook het personeel, aller vriendelijkst."

"We had a wonderful time, I honestly loved staying at Parker. Your house is so beautiful, I loved the decor and furnishings and the lovely relaxed, welcoming atmosphere you and your team have perfected. I sincerely hope we are able to come back."
Christine, Sally, Dominic and James UK

"Thanks very much for your hospitality, you made us feel very welcome and at home. We particularly enjoyed the wine evening - it was great to mix with yourselves and the other guests. And of course we don't need to tell you how great the breakfasts were, especially the specials. We can honestly say we've never had waffles, fruit and ice-cream for breakfast before (yum yum!)."
Rachel and Martyn UK

"Looking back at my Cape Town week, I feel so lucky that I selected Parker Cottage, with its characteristic architecture and delicate interior, a temple of good taste. Being myself an experienced and certainly spoiled traveler, I nevertheless cannot remember ever having been victim of such overwhelming hospitality as delivered by Liz and you and your devoted staff. Be sure we will recommend Parker Cottage to anyone going to Cape Town (except nasty people!)"
Jan-Pieter, Netherlands

"We've absolutely nothing to complain about and must add that the quality of your hospitality was quite exceptional"
Paul and Chris, Luxembourg

"I just wanted to say a belated thank you from us all for looking after us so well when we stayed at Parker Cottage. The reality exceeded the expectations from what we had read and we all agree that Cape Town and your fantastic guest house was one of the highlights of our trip."
Martin, Elaine, Tamsin, Amy and Calum, Glasgow

"We stayed at Parker Cottage the first time in November 2008 just after Phil took over. The best greeting I've had at a guest house was given by Phil the first morning "Welcome home Paul". That captures the feeling as so many previous postings have written. Just wanted to post again how comfortable and relaxing a stay at Parker Cottage is."
Paul and Laurie, Jo'berg

"Our stay in Parker Cottage is one our best memories of Cape Town! It felt more like we were visiting family than staying in a paid accommodation. Everything was wonderful—the rooms were lovely, the staff polite and professional, and you were of course great. We loved the wine and chat sessions, and we are very, very appreciative of your gifts to Henry for his birthday. It meant a great deal to us. One of the best things also, was getting to know more about the people, politics and culture of South Africa."
Patricia and Henry, Atlanta

"Thank so much for a wonderful stay. Our memories from Cape Town will be that much fonder because of our time at Parker and the thoughtful service of people like you, Antawn and the rest of your staff."
Edward and Bridget, Canada

"Phil, we had a tremendous time in Cape Town, and your hospitality was a certian contribution to our successful stay. We found it unmatched throughout our stay in SA. The q.o.d. sundowner tradition couldn't be better idea and I know it was as much fun for us as it was for you. You and Liz are running a wonderful guest house, one I would highly recommend to friends."
John and Emily, Washington

"I cannot think of anything I might change or improve. The sheet music wallpaper in the bathroom was very original. We loved the exposed brick "portrait" downstairs. It's beautiful! And the little decorative chickens on the breakfast tables were such fun."

"I'm glad you liked our review [ on TripAdvisor]. It is really true: you have such a wonderful place and you are so friendly and helpful. Everybody has to know that."
Yvonne, Holland

"It was really wonderful to end our trip at Parker Cottage - we couldn't have been made to feel more welcome by you and your staff and wish to thank you again for everything. The time you spent trying to sort out our airline problems was so very appreciated - thank you again for your kindness."
Jan and Jim, Canada

"Yes this vacation exceeded all our expectations in various ways - not least of all by the hospitality, openess and friendlyness afforded to us by our South-African hosts. Excellent food, friendly service and superb wine made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all of us. Phil you had a good part in making our stay in Capetown a very enjoyable one. We thank you for it."
Peter and Yvonne, Switzerland

"Cape Town wouldn't have been as nice if we hadn't met you. Staying with you was unique. We never had a host like you before. Thank you once again for your help, kindness and care. When asked for Cape Town we will always recommend you B&B, and when we visit again, we will surely stay at yours again. It's a pity, that we hadn't enough time to sit with you at the veranda and chat."
Armin and Witti, Germany

"We had a lovely time in Cape Town and at Parker's cottage. I thought the location was great, really good to get to most places easily. Service was excellent and breakfast best we had the entire trip."
Frank, Germany

"Your response was by far the most comprehensive, certainly gives the traveler a feeling of security to know their hosts are so well organised! I myself worked for 11 years in the hospitality industry and left Cape Town 10 years ago. I was highly impressed by your response and congratulate you."
Tamsyn, South Africa

"Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful stay. The house is lovely, the breakfast's fantastic and your helpfulness and enthusiasm were really well appreciated - please don't ever change anything! We are spreading the message to everyone we speak to."
Nigel and Kate, UK

"We truly enjoyed our stay with you at Parker Cottage; your hospitality was excellent, your staff were very courteous and jolly, the breakfasts were indulging(!) and the "drinks evenings" very innovative. As we mentioned before, we have not experienced such a welcome in a guesthouse before and have already given recommendations to colleagues."
Antonia and Vincenzo, Capri

"Thank you very much for our stay. You are so good with guests, you made us to feel at home at once we met you. It seems as you know exactly what guests like – that is hospitality and some glasses of wine and a funny chat and a nice bed and a good breakfast. You have it all and more than that!"
Elisiv and Lars, Sweden

"Nogmaals dank voor de gastvrijheid en complimenten voor de manier waarop je Parker Cottage tot een gezellige en prettige accommodatie maakt door je persoonlijke aandacht voor de gasten."
Hanmark en Kim, Holland

"I wanted to send you both a note to let you know that we enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage. The best part was Anton's company, his friendliness and his "nothing is too hard for me" attitude. :-) Too bad we missed meeting you, Phil. We enjoyed Liz' s company at your evening wine gatherings and the company of the other guests at Parker."
Aparna and Subhash




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Tamsyn, South Africa



"Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful stay. The house is lovely, the breakfast's fantastic and your helpfulness and enthusiasm were really well appreciated - please don't ever change anything! We are spreading the message to everyone we speak to."
Nigel and Kate, UK

"We truly enjoyed our stay with you at Parker Cottage; your hospitality was excellent, your staff were very courteous and jolly, the breakfasts were indulging(!) and the "drinks evenings" very innovative. As we mentioned before, we have not experienced such a welcome in a guesthouse before and have already given recommendations to colleagues."
Antonia and Vincenzo, Capri

"Thank you very much for our stay. You are so good with guests, you made us to feel at home at once we met you. It seems as you know exactly what guests like – that is hospitality and some glasses of wine and a funny chat and a nice bed and a good breakfast. You have it all and more than that!"
Elisiv and Lars, Sweden

"Nogmaals dank voor de gastvrijheid en complimenten voor de manier waarop je Parker Cottage tot een gezellige en prettige accommodatie maakt door je persoonlijke aandacht voor de gasten."
Hanmark en Kim, Holland

"I wanted to send you both a note to let you know that we enjoyed our stay at Parker Cottage. The best part was Anton's company, his friendliness and his "nothing is too hard for me" attitude. :-) Too bad we missed meeting you, Phil. We enjoyed Liz' s company at your evening wine gatherings and the company of the other guests at Parker."
Aparna and Subhash





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