Cape Peninsula National Park - The Food Barn

16h30 Leave the Cape Peninsula National Park and turn LEFT out of the gate on the M65 direction Kommetjie (pronounced ‘kom IK key’)

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You’ll now drive along a beautifully scenic piece of road which takes you through the villages of Kommetjie and Scarborough. Whilst not architecturally stunning places, they are really wonderful places to stop off and chat to the locals but most likely at this time of the day, you simply won’t have the time! Carry on until the junction at Sunnydale.

17h00 At Sunnydale, turn LEFT on the M6 direction Noordhoek and Chapman’s Peak.

As you come into Noordhoek, you’ll see a sign to The Food Barn on your right.


Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting the Food Barn     Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting the Food Barn


The Food Barn
Tel : (021) 789 1390

They say: The food is civilised without being pretentious, that is to say it has natural taste, smells and textures, and much character. What is paramount is that it is prepared with respect, savvy and love - then, it is the right food for us to eat. Franck: "Pete and I own this place; it is our hard earned cash that is invested here. At the same time, we are also motivated by spending time with our families. I want to train my team to become passionate about food... they are keen to learn". Pete: "Walking through The Foodbarn, enjoying my guests company, and being a great host is when I am happiest".

We say: This is not a small venue and it’s not simply a restaurant either. Pete is the cordon bleu, Franck is the bare foot chef, (an escapee from corporate live) and between them, they and do everything from cooking demos to events to a deli and restaurant fare all under one roof. Expect down to earth food in a just-walked-from-the-beach style and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Noordhoek is 20 - 30 minutes drive from Cape Town so bear this in mind if you choose to stop here.

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