District Six Museum - Greenmarket Square 


11h30 From the District Six Museum walk back the way you came down Albertus Street over Plein St onto Spin
St all the way until you hit Adderly. Take a right on Adderly and your first left into a pedestrian lane that leads to Burg. You’ll pass (on your left) the Michaelis Art Gallery - which is worth a quick look - and take a right onto Burg. Follow Burg until you see the market place.

Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square began its existence all the way back in 1696 when early Cape colonizers built a watch house there. It developed from there to become the City Hall – the Old Town House is still there – as a market and meeting place built up around it. Traders would haggle over wares as diverse as vegetables and slaves.
Nowadays there is still just as wide a variety of goods to choose from (despite that pesky abolition law) and Green Market Square is the best place to barter for all sorts of curio items that have been transported from everywhere in Africa – including fabrics, masks, herbs, clothes, drums, works of art and of craft. Prices start high but can be beaten down low by the proficient haggler.
The numerous cafes and restaurants that surround the square provide the perfect arcade from which to view the square and its assorted, vibrant community.