Greenmarket Square - Long Street 


12h00 From Green Market square it’s a short hop onto Long St up either Longmarket St or Shortmarket St. (You
exit via the opposite side of the square you came in on.)

Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Long Street

Long Street by Day

Long Street, with its open 2nd story balconies that provide boozy relief from the colourful, bustling street below, is the perfect place to find Cape Town’s trendiest restaurants and bars as well as numerous shops whose wares vary from clothes to antiques as well as African curio Bazaars. The fastidious shopper will find plenty of great deals on Long St. The not so picky may be easily ripped off.
Daytime highlights on Long Street are the Pan-African Market (about half-way down) and the Royale Eatery (best burgers in the land – near the top of the street).
Long St is one of the oldest streets in Cape Town and many of its Victorian buildings are still well maintained; particularly at the top of the street closest to Table Mountain. It was named Long St because it stretched from the old harbour all the way to Tamboerskloof (and the beginnings of Kloof St) for 3.8km. In fact its harbour associations don’t stop there. Early in the street’s life-time it was a hot spot for sailors trawling for “a good time” and the balconies provided excellent platforms for purveyors to advertise their wares.

Long Street by Night

If you’re looking for nightlife, you’re on the right street. Long Street is the epicentre of Cape Town’s youth-based entertainment. With many fine establishments ranging from crusty underground bars to chrome laser-lit clubs,party pilgrims will experience rapture.
That is, on a good night. Long Street can be somewhat of an enigma with one night providing seemingly endless entertainment and a street bustling over, to the next; an apparent exodus out of town with very little explanation.