Restaurant Contact Details

94 Kloof Street | (021) 424 5540

They say: "Mark & Melissa van Hoogstraten’ s love for good old-fashioned things in life inspired them to create places where people love to be and where they could sell their unique product range. Melissa’ s represents a kind of old-fashioned goodness and an attempt to bring back the real and forgotten things in life. Melissa’ s unique range of wholesome handmade products is based on the philosophy of uncompromising quality. Melissa’ s is for people who understand the value of quality and are serious about eating real, good food."

Parker Cottage Guesthouse says: "Much more informal than Manna, this is not so much a place to eat as a place to try out what Melissa’s (now a national brand) has to sell. The food always has that great ‘home made’ feel to it and you can either buy and eat in the shop or do a ‘weigh-your-own-lunch’ style buffet. Lots of funky lifestyle magazines around the place and one of those people-watching benches in the window if you’re just after a quick bite."