Hout Bay - Camp's Bay

19h00 Leave Hout Bay on the M6, Victoria Road, to Cape Town. (Don’t take the M63 to Constantia.)

19h30 Arrive in Camp’s Bay.

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Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Camps Bay


Camp's Bay

It wasn’t much more than a hundred years ago that Camps Bay was no more than a picnic site for Capetonians to head off to on a summer’s day (there was even a tram from the city centre). Apart from The Roundhouse (now an excellent restaurant) which served as Lord Charles Somerset’s hunting lodge, there was forest, forest, lots of wild animals and the beach. Things have changed!

Camps Bay became a suburb very late by Cape Town standards (in the 1920s, they paid people to come and live here!) and today retains a very separate identity from town. It has its own high school,supermarket and bustling economy, based mainly on water sports, tourism in general and construction. Camps Bay is in a permanent state of demolition and rebuilding to make way for yet more concrete and glass palaces. If you ever visit it and find that there are no cranes or half built shells of houses standing around, leave the country immediately as the international jet set have already deserted these shores… 

For the fact that it has some of the highest property prices on the continent, some Capetonians are very snotty about Camps Bay (they’re just jealous!) but if you take it as it comes, it’s a great place to hang
out. Our personal favourites are the tidal pool to the left of the beach as you look out to sea (it gets much warmer than the sea itself) and The Codfather, a truly excellent example of what sea food should
be (there is no menu, just fantastic fish… )

19h30 Head off to The Codfather, one street back from Victoria Road, on The Drive and take in some of the views, the sunset and the food.

20h30 Leave The Codfather by turning left and then follow the road bearing right back to M63 Cape Town. You’ll go over Kloofnek and then just after the second pedestrian crossing, you’ll come across the Kloofnek/Buitengracht junction. Carstens Street is second left. Phew!