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The City Bowl in Cape Town is a truly wondrous thing. Unlike many colonial city centres, it has a distinct lack of the ubiquitous Western chain stores and manages in large part to retain several tiny and very specialized shops, eateries, galleries, theatres, hotels and bars that would simply not survive in a pressured rental environment in a modern industrialized city.

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Woodstock is possibly the most diverse and most integrated district of Cape Town both racially and in terms of income. Originally built as a suburb of the City Bowl to house coloured workers, it then developed into a light industrial area and for a long time was the centre of the local textile industry as well as several other local manufacturing businesses.

The Southern Suburbs are often passed by on the way to the Cape Peninsula with most people only ‘starting’ their tour of the Cape when they hit Muizenberg. However, there are some truly amazing places on the way down (and back) which make for a superb day out, without a whole heap of driving and navigation.

From the ‘glam’ crowd of Camps Bay to Afropunk in the City Bowl, you’ll see many unique takes on fashion here. It’s all part of the fun of visiting a creative hub like Cape Town.

The largest breeding ground in the world for Great White Sharks is about an hour’s drive from Cape Town, in False Bay. It’s an exhilarating experience but please bear in mind it’s not without risks.

Whale watching is one of the main reasons why visitors come to South Africa in droves. It’s possible to get very close to these majestic animals from the shore.

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