Simonstown - Boulders Beach

12h30 Just a short hop out of Simonstown is Boulder’s Beach.

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Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Boulders Beach     Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting Boulders Beach


Boulders Beach

Home to the now world famous Jackass Penguin (no, they really are called that!) They are now officially called African penguins but got their original name not from their very amusing antics but from the braying sound they make.

The penguins are a little ‘over viewed’ and if you are most unfortunate, your visit will coincide with a coach party of eager people all trying to get too close. Remember, animals get stressed by too much proximity so although you can get as close as a metre to them, please don’t and ask others to back off too. Personally, I can’t get enough of these guys, so stay a while but keep your distance. You can also swim here if you like.

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