St. George's Cathedral - The Slave Lodge


10h00 Leave St Georges by turning into Adderley Street (look for the Taj Hotel which is on the corner).

On the corner of Adderley and Wale (which you are now on) is the Slave Lodge.

Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting The Slave Lodge     Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting The Slave Lodge

The Slave Lodge
Tel : (021) 467 7229

The Slave Lodge now forms part of the Iziko Trust which manages most of the larger museums in the City Bowl as well as the Social History Centre on Spin Street. The original building was built in 1679 by the Dutch East India Company to house slaves who tended the gardens (hence the term Company’s Garden). Later, it came to house government offices and has now been made into a museum about slavery.

Phil and Liz say: The wonderful thing about The Slave Lodge as a museum is that it is suitable for all ages (which one would not think considering its subject) but it is a moving experience. Even if you are a studied sociologist, it will really make you think about how slavery has been part and parcel on what the modern world has become (and continues to be). There is a detailed look at how the various slave routes of the last 400 years came into being and how these have impacted on the countries of origin and destination the slaves were sent to. We’ve been twice and learnt something new each time.