The Black Marlin - Cape Peninsula National Park

14h30 Leave the Black Marlin and head off down the M4 again towards the Cape Peninsula National Park.

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About this stage of your trip, or perhaps before, you will encounter baboons on the road and around you. Please DO NOT approach them, especially not with food. Do not take food with you (even in bags) when walking around, or even at the restaurant and do not leave windows open in your car, even a crack, or leave any food in the car itself. These are dangerous, wild animals and they are very strong, very clever and will attack you for food. They are not monkeys!

15h00 Arrive at the Cape Peninsula National Park.


Parker Cottage Guesthouse recommends visiting the Cape Peninsula National Park


Cape Peninsula National Park

Once you enter the Cape Peninsula National Park, there are several options (please do remember that the Park closes at 17h00 in the summer and you need to be at the exit gate by this time or you

SAN Parks describes the Park as follows: we just love this description!

“The Park is recognised globally for its extraordinarily rich, diverse and unique fauna and flora - with rugged cliffs, steep slopes and sandy flats - is a truly remarkable natural, scenic, historical, cultural and recreational asset both locally and internationally. Nowhere else in the world does an area of such spectacular beauty and such rich bio-diversity exist almost entirely within a metropolitan area - the thriving and cosmopolitan city of Cape Town.”

There is an abundance of information about the flora, fauna and history of the Park at which makes fascinating reading.

If you’re short of time:

Our recommendation is to drive straight to the end of the Cape Point Road from the entrance gate. When you get there, park up and if you like, go up to the lighthouse. Personally, we much prefer going around the lighthouse on the Lighthouse Keeper’s Walk, which is away from the crowds and in some ways is actually a better view. You’ll need to allow about 45 minutes there and back for the walk, though.

If you’re really, really short of time:

Park up at the Cape Point car park and then climb the steps (or take the funicular) to the Lighthouse. The views from here, along with the birdlife in the cliff below, is really something to marvel at, so take it all in. Don’t be surprised by the crowds, though! It gets very busy here.

If you have more time:

Stop off at Platboom Bay and take in as much of the wildlife and sea as you can. If you’ve got the time, find a deserted part of the beach and just sit and wait without moving or speaking for about 30 minutes. You should find that animals start appearing that you didn’t even know where there. Quite magical.

The Optional Route:
>> The Cape Peninsula National Park - The Food Barn - Noordhoek Beach

>> The Cape Peninsula National Park - Chapman's Peak Drive