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Even More Local Design You’ll Love

Even More Local Design You’ll Love

You can write about Cape Town every day, and still feel as though you’re only scratching the surface. It’s such a dynamic city, with something new to discover around every corner.

In case our first guide to local designers didn’t satisfy your shopaholic desires, we’ve compiled another list of our favourite South African goodies.


Alexandra Hojer Atelier & Boutique

Though technically a Swedish designer living in South Africa, we think Alexandra Hojer’s designs are right at home here in Cape Town.

Her clothing designs are timeless, with an air of relaxed, no-fuss simplicity. High-quality fabrics and handmade pieces ensure that whatever you buy will be in your closet forever.

She has two stores: her Boutique on Kloof Street, and an Atelier (or ‘workshop’) on Bree Street. The boutique store is smaller, catering to women exclusively. Aside from the gorgeous clothes, accessories, and lingerie, the Atelier features vintage furniture and an old motorcycle, as well as her line of men’s clothes, and her ‘rock ‘n roll’ line for women. With her workspace visible behind the store front, it’s worth popping in just to see where the magic happens. Oh, and you may run into her Staffie too!

Find Alexandra Hojer’s Boutique at the Lifestyle Centre on Kloof Street, and the Atelier at 156 Bree Street.

Alexandra Hojer Atelier Boutique entranceAlexandra Hojer Atelier Boutique displayAlexandra Hojer Atelier Boutique welcoming and friendly shop assistant


South African Market

If you’re already on Bree Street and in the mood to shop, you should also check out the South African Market – fondly known as SAM.

SAM features a little bit of everything, from clothing, shoes and accessories to ceramics, pillows, and tea towels. The light and airy loft-space, situated above the La Parada restaurant, provides a simple and elegant space to showcase local designers and artisans. Expect to find at least one thing you’ll want to take home with you…

Find SAM upstairs at 107 Bree Street.

South African Market store interiorSouth African Market collectionSouth African Market display



Right next door to SAM you’ll find AVOOVA (yes, we do seem enjoy capitalising store names in Cape Town). Almost everything at AVOOVA is made from ostrich shells, and it doesn’t get more local than that.

One of South Africa’s gorgeous desert regions, the Karoo, has a long history of ostrich farming. The hardy birds are the perfect livestock for this region, providing eggs, meat, leather, and feathers.

AVOOVA, then, has over 50 artisans at workshops throughout this region, collecting, processing, and producing their beautiful pieces. The eggshells are used to create intricate mosaics with a warm lustre and ivory tones.

While AVOOVA produces furniture and large interior pieces, there are also smaller, suitcase-friendly items like jewellery, belt buckles, picture frames and tea-light holders.

AVOOVA is located at 97 Bree Street.

Avoova 18 bottle water coolerAvoova Ankoli Watusi HornAvoova disc plain crocodile designs light greyand charcoal


Olive Green Cat

If you’re not out-shopped by now, we’ve got one more stop for you.

Olive Green Cat is the merging of two jewellery designers – Ida Elsje and Phillipa Green – with architect Gregory Katz. While each designer has their own collections, the three often collaborate, and inform each other’s work.

Phillipa is known for her iconic Perspex cuffs, which are decorated with stitching, or embellished with silver and copper. The engraved cuffs in particular are reminiscent of antique filigree work, but with modern, local-inspired designs. Ida, on the other hand, is known for her bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands. Her pieces range from classic to eccentric, and her Art Nouveau-esque earrings make the perfect accent to any outfit.

Check out Olive Green Cat at 76 Church Street.

Hipsters and History on Bree Street

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