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Living life in the Slow Lane

It appears that the rate at which the world spins has accelerated over the years; everything has become fast paced and frenetic and the little things get dismissed. Savouring the taste of fresh fruit or revelling in the joys of waking up at a bed and breakfast in Cape Town has become clamoured with a surplus of fast food, fast cars and fast conversations. Without relieving it, this rapid pace of living can severely stunt your quality of life and it is essential to slow down occasionally.


A simple solution to combat this is to become mindful of your lifestyle, by consciously remaining attentive to what you do. Acts like enjoying each bite of food and savouring the flavours, taking the time to participate in a conversation with your friends and family, or sitting down to read a book that isn't electronic can be very beneficial. Doing small things such as this can greatly improve the quality of your well-being.

Leading a fast-paced, stressful life can have staggering effects on your health. Research suggests that the biological costs of ignoring your stresses can manifest in cardiovascular diseases as well as accelerated aging. Psychologically, these stresses can also be emotionally taxing, causing cases of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other emotional illnesses associated with unmanaged stress.

Parker Cottage in Cape Town facilitates the movement of slow living by blending simplicity with luxurious living; every room lacks a television and a radio, although this is available upon request, thus encouraging guests to live modestly for a few days. Although free wireless internet is on offer, this B&B in Cape Town operates differently by rehabilitating your inner serenity, leaving you at complete peace once you check out.

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