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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Environmental sustainability is, we are so often told, everybody’s responsibility. One can’t help but feel however that those with the biggest carbon footprint have the biggest responsibility to make major adjustments to the way they do business. It is also not unreasonable to expect that those on holiday or away from home will not pay as much attention to their effect on the surrounding environment. If you accept these two logics as truths then it stands to reason that tourist related industries have the biggest responsibility to ensure that they carry out their business in an environmentally friendly way. Hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts, especially those within congested city centres should be sensitive to the amount of energy they and their guests consume and the amount of waste they and their guests produce.

There are however several B&B within the Cape Town City Centre that are striving to make themselves more environmentally friendly through waste reduction and renewable energy consumption. This provides both environmental and financial benefits, for the Bed & Breakfast owner, especially in the Cape Town city centre where, waste disposal can be both expensive and inconvenient. With the amount of media space that global warming has been given over the last decade it is not surprising that people are more aware than ever about their global footprints.

This has become particularly prominent in the travel industry where aeroplane flight has come under fire from the green brigade, people that do choose to take long haul flights for their holidays are constantly reminded of the cost to the environment that these holidays come with. It would therefore be beneficial to accommodation owners to be able to ensure their guests that they are partly offsetting the carbon footprint from their flight by staying in environmentally conscious accommodation.

Think of the benefit to your business by being able to advertise yourself as not only environmentally friendly but environmentally beneficial. European travellers are usually very aware of the environmental impact that their travels will have on the environment, if you, as a city centre bed and breakfast are able to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable accommodation then you have an advantage over your competitors.

The Cape Town B&B market is very competitive and overseas visitors are often spoiled for choice so it is essential if you are running a bed and breakfast in the Cape Town City Bowl that you create something competitive and memorable.

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