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Restaurant Contact Details

(021) 423 0850

2 Upper Wale Street

Parker Cottage Guesthouse says: "A Bo Kaap institution, Biesmiellah (or Bismillah) has been doing home styled Cape Malay food for longer than anyone can remember. There's no liquor licence, so don't ask for (or bring) wine and don't expect a restaurant. This is as local and as authentic as it gets. This is the kind of place you'll meet a cab driver having his lunch talking to a sociology professor from UCT. Very local. If you don't know Cape Malay food, it's generally mild curry style, with lots of fruit and some egg. You'll love the ambiance and the staff here but don't expect linen table cloths and sir/madam. Take it as it comes and you'll love it."

There’s no website and no write up from the owners anywhere – isn’t that just wonderful! So the only way to find out what they think of their own place is to go there and ask them yourself. Superb.