Miller's Thumb

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Restaurant Contact Details

(021) 424 3838

10B Kloof Nek Road

They say: "A refreshingly-casual seafood restaurant in uptown Cape Town. The deep orange and green hues of the three interleading rooms are offset by tapes of Solly's favourite sixties music, lending a distinctive air to this different seafood venue. Indulge in superbly- prepared mussels, calamari, prawns and linefish. Cajun and Creole dishes have their influence in this kitchen. Solly's fishy version of chilli con carne was a delight with its dark red beans adding colour and textural contrast to delicately-cooked linefish, prawns and squid. There's generally a pasta dish or two on the menu with interesting sauces, complemented by a good choice of wines."

Parker Cottage Guesthouse says: "Jane and Solly are a husband and wife team just like Parker. This is not fine dining but it is a real foodie's place. Nothing about Miller's Thumb is predicatable or boring: the seafood is the reason to come here but you'll love the welcome, the rambunctious warmth of the place and the cutlery in the middle of the table in a pot. The restaurant feels like the kind of place you might find doing brisk local trade on a Greek island: you half expect an ouzo sipping gentleman in the corner. Oh sorry, that's Solly."