Nelson's Eye

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Restaurant Contact Details

(021) 423 2601

9 Hof Street

They say: "We are a steakhouse in existence since the early sixties and we pride ourselves in producing steaks far superior to our competitors. Where did we get the name for our restaurant? Is it because the best cuts come from the rear, and Nelson was a Rear Admiral? Our founder has long since disappeared into cholesterol heaven and when we tried to make contact with a relative who may know the reason for the name we were told to bugger off. So, we don't know..."

Parker Cottage Guesthouse says: "Very much not the place for a) vegetarians and b) the A list crowd, Nelson's Eye has been the home of the best steak in Cape Town since the dawn of time. The decor may be basic and dated but when you walk through the front door (and almost right into the grill), the owner, Steven Albert, will be mid-sear on a steak and will greet you in person with a huge smile. Expect a glib menu and pub style service and a place teaming with locals and lads having a night out. Don't mess about with anything on the menu here that isn't red meat. The place mats are either hilarious or terrible, depending on your sense of humour!"