Societi Bistro

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Restaurant Contact Details

(021) 424 2100

50 Orange Street

They say: "We set out to create a restaurant that you love to spend time in. We focus on simple food: we offer rural food in an urban setting, so it's sensible presentation with strong flavours. Societi's head chef, Stefan Marais, is a self taught, expressive chap who trained in Spain, Italy and France.. You'll find our food a mixture mainly of the French (over the winter) and Italian (over the summer)."

Parker Cottage Guesthouse says: "Societi is a lot more than just a place to eat. They have a huge al fresco garden full of lavender that you can spend an evening in amongst the candles, or take in the interior, where they have kept everything original and then changed it all (just go and have a look). Things like the focus on home made pasta, superb tomato dishes, and a very young and artistic (but not fancy) approach to food (see the website) make us feel this place is what Jamie Oliver would have opened in his twenties before he became the rather irritating superstar he is now. We really like their inclusivity too. No 'head chef + the nobodies' in the kitchen here."