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Come to Cape Town. Drink beer.

beerVoted the no. 1 destination for travelers by the New York Times, Trip Advisors Travelers and by highly regarded British broadsheet the Guardian, it should come as no surprise that Cape Town is a year-round party hub of inter-galactic quality. And what is a party without beer ?

Leaving out the bustling clubbing scene and multiple dingy subterranean live music venues, Cape Town’s central business district and local surrounds is home to some of the most stylish, tasteful and eccentric bars and pubs you’ll ever drink artisanal beers in. The ‘Old Town’ or CBD is certainly not the whole city but it’s a good place to start on your heroic quest for excellent beer.

The Power and the Glory at the bottom of Kloofnek Rd in Tamboerskloof is a perfect starting point for any voyage of barley and hops. On any given Sunday the fine woodwork of the P&G’s “Black Ram” bar is occupied by the uber-trendy designers or designed-for elite whose custom-made mustachios droop elegantly into the crafted foam of a myriad range of micro-brewed delights. Hipsters they may be but friendlier hipsters have never been found.

The highly sophisticated Parker Cottage is situated a mere half-a-pint’s walk from the bottom of Kloofnek Road and it stands as a rare gem among B&B’s in Cape Town. This heritage town house is opulently adorned with Victorian furniture and outlandish art and is splendidly augmented by its craft beer larder, stocking multiple Brewers &Union and Darling labels. If you’ve come to Cape Town with a taste for good quality beers and wines or just a taste for good quality then Parker Cottage is undoubtedly where you are staying.

An added bonus to the locale of the P&G is it’s proximity to same-owned Hallelujah – Cape Town’s brand new experiment in absolute hedonism serving a fine array of bubbly, dim sum, and – you guessed it – craft beer including new brand “Triggerfish”. Great stuff if you’ve got a few doubloons in your purse.

Now then, there are a lot of beer vendors on Long St. Only two of them are truly worth a mention for their taste in beer. Starting at the top and heading down toward the port, early on your right is the world-famous burger joint: Royale Eatery. This place is a restaurant in fact but it also sells an immaculate selection of beer ranging from Steph Weiss Bavarian Wheat Beer to Saboteur English Indian Pale Ale.

After sampling what Salma Hayek called “THE BEST HAMBURGERS IN THE WORLD” cart your burger-swollen self up the stairs to the Waiting Room and dance away any extra holiday… luggage… you might have picked up. Don’t feel like dancing? Well, head on down the road. You’re in for a treat.

These are not even close to all the places to drink good beer in Cape Town. They are simply some of the best. And the absolute monarch of them all has got to be BEERHOUSE.

Beerhouse opened last year and stocks 99 different craft beers all of them good and almost all of them locally micro-brewed. Beerhouse is dedicated to craft beer. There is no better place in town to go to taste beers. It boasts not only beer but also a lively ambience and a deeply passionate and knowledgeable - to the point of legendary – staff. With such a truly magnificent selection of beers you literally cannot go wrong here. 223 Long St. Highly recommended.

Moving a little off the beaten track, in the old industrial aorta of the central business district, just off of Roeland, on Harrington St, there is a dive bar. It’s name: “Lefty’s”.
Lefty’s is new. Lefty’s is good. Lefty’s will stuff you till you burst. They even sell chicken and bacon waffles that taste better than the Americans can make. Yes I said it, Salma. They also have Citizen Beer, Alliance Amber Ale, on tap. It’s excellent. Their clientele are rowdy and raucous and their philosophy is eat plenty: drink more.
What’s more, if you’re into clubbing, a succession of world-class acts are playing a stone’s-throw away at Cape Town’s top club The Assembly. It’s always worth a look.

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