Taste our Breakfast


At Parker Cottage, we take the word ‘breakfast’ just as seriously as the word ‘bed’ in ‘bed and breakfast’. Our breakfast never stands still: it’s constantly evolving and full of new ideas, tastes and flavours.  See our TripAdvisor reviews for what our past guests thought of it.


Huge choice, excellent, local quality

We offer a huge five course breakfast (see menu below), the like of which isn’t available anywhere else in Cape Town, even at some much more expensive establishments.  All our cooked food is made to order, from fresh, local ingredients.  We aim to source 90% of all our ingredients from less than 200km away from the table where you are served.  We always offer freshly baked croissants, individually prepared fruit salads, a wide range of cereals and freshly prepared cooked breakfasts. There is a range of excellent cold meats, cheeses and fresh bread all of which is delicatessen standard.


Superb venue

In the winter months, breakfast is served in front of a roaring fire in our dining room and in the summer months, on the stoep or in the garden under the orange tree.  If you wish, you can even order the first three courses in bed.


An endless breakfast

Unlike some lesser establishments, we never stop serving breakfast: you can lie in as long as you like if you want and come to eat.  Also, we don’t do two sittings: so once you have a table, it’s yours until you’ve finished.  If you want to spend four hours over breakfast, you’re welcome!  Food and its consumption should never be rushed.


A properly served, sit down affair

We don’t offer those buffet style breakfasts where the food stands for hours: every aspect of your breakfast is served to you at your table, from toast to cereal, cheese platter to omlette.  So there’s no need to run around balancing plates of food or picking over the left overs if you come late.


Ever changing, always interesting

We have a new plat du jour every day, which is a cooked dish, normally a lighter version of the traditional cooked breakfast.

The Parker Open Sandwich: toasted rye bread with creme fraiche, topped with mushrooms sauted in garlic and lemon juice and layered with rocket.

Parker Cheese-on-Toast: grilled halloumi on toasted wholewheat with pear julienne and avocado scoops.




All our cooked food is made to order, as all good food should be, so please expect a preparation time of between 20 and 30 minutes per order. If you are in a hurry, please let us know.

To Get you Started...

A freshly prepared fruit parfait

African Fair Trade Coffee (served as filter, espresso, cappuccino, latte)

A selection of teas from around the world (Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Rooibos, Mint, Camomile, Green)

A choice of fresh fruit juices (from local fruit growers)

Still or sparkling water served with fresh mint and lemon

The Sara Baartman

A cereal of your choice (granola or muesli, corn flakes or bran flakes)

A platter of fresh fruit from Cape Town’s markets

Plain Bulgarian unsweetened yoghurt or sweetened fruit yoghurt

A freshly baked croissant (plain, almond or pain au chocolat)

The Nelson Mandela

Your selection from: eggs as you like them (fried, scrambled, poached, boiled) sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, onions, toast and sauces of choice.

A freshly baked croissant (plain, almond or pain au chocolat)

The Oliver Tambo

Our Plat du Jour (Special of the day)

A freshly baked croissant (plain, almond or pain au chocolat)

The Desmond Tutu

Omelette with a choice of filling (bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions) and topping (cheese and herbs)

A freshly baked croissant (plain, almond or pain au chocolat)

The Robert Sobukwe

A selection from our cheeses and cold meats served with your choice of toast (wholewheat or white) or cheese biscuits

A freshly baked croissant (plain, almond or pain au chocolat)

The Helen Zille

Boiled or poached eggs with toast soldiers

A freshly baked croissant (plain, almond or pain au chocolat)


Cape Town guest house Parker Cottage offers a memorable, gourmet breakfast. Not only does Parker Cottage offer perfect accommodation in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, but also the perfect breakfast, satisfying all guests with the traditional as well as the Parker Cottage breakfast twist.